Nick Topel

An exclusive with handsome renaissance man and scholar Nick Topel.

By: Joshua Conner

Screenshot from my Skype Interview with Nick Topel on September 19, 2019, Nick Topel Tank Top by Nike Joshua Conner shirt by BSN Supplements
Screenshot from my Skype Interview with Nick Topel on September 19, 2019, Nick Topel Tank Top by Nike Joshua Conner shirt by BSN Supplements

Nick Topel is an: entrepreneur, mechanical engineer, BSN Supplements sponsored athlete, cover model, personal trainer, and natural bodybuilder. Topel has been competitively swimming for over twelve years and even was rewarded with All American honors. You can consider Topel a social media influencer, with each post, he gives his 53.4 K followers a backstage pass to his excursions, modeling portfolio, and physique progress.

Topel has a smile who lights up the room and can be considered the whole package because is he is sexy, charismatic, funny, humble and studious. I am inspired every day by Topel’s physique, style, life experiences, swagger and how he has branded himself.

I recently had an opportunity to have an introspective conversation with this enterprising millennial who is definitely one to watch. This is an edited transcript from that conversation.

I asked Topel what his mission in the world is?

“What’s my mission in the world? That’s an interesting question. Recently, I have been trying to reshape and refocus my career. I have a background in engineering and pro bodybuilding. What I am trying to do now, is kind of combine my engineering skills, my interest in fitness, and my social media platform, to help inspire others to take control of their personal health and fitness. I have found that when you improve your physical well being, it translates to everywhere in your life. So, I guess that would be my mission, to use my resources and my platform to inspire others to become a better version of themselves,” said Topel.

I asked Topel what would be the title of his life story and who would play him in a movie?

“What would be the title of my life story and who would play me in a movie? Oh, interesting, man these are very introspective.
What would be the title of my life story? I kind of like the term wanderlust. I think that would be a very interesting way to describe my life. It can be translated in many different ways for one, I like to travel, and I also like to explore lots of different things. As I grow older, I try to be very open-minded about topics and ideas, and I think wanderlust can translate into something like physically exploring, but also mentally exploring. I’m also a mechanical engineer, I studied computer science and I’m also very big in the fitness industry. I think wanderlust would be a great title.
Who would play me? I don’t know, hopefully, it would be someone good-looking. I like Tom Cruise, I think Tom Cruise would be really good portraying me. I think we have similar styles and personalities. I think we look similar, I get that compliment occasionally when I am wearing the right stuff at the right angle. Yeah, I think Tom Cruise would be okay. No one ever asked me that before.

In an Instagram Q & A, a Topel Instagram Fan asked him who he has a celebrity crush on. Topel answered saying he has a celebrity crush on Pietro Boselli, Margot Robbie, and Blake Lively. I thought Topel might say Pietro Boselli because they both have engineering backgrounds, models and social media influencers.

 Screenshot from an Instagram Q and A hosted by Nick Topel
Screenshot from an Instagram Q and A hosted by Nick Topel

“You know what, I thought about saying that, and now that you have brought it up, I will say it, Pietro Boselli. He is a very good representation of my brand, and things that I look for and stand for. We kind of do the same thing. I like how he uses his platform to help educate others. He started off as a very famous fashion model and then bloomed overnight. Now, he uses his platform to speak about world peace and various topics. He is always posting IGTV videos and content. So, I think he would be a great balanced man as well. Pietro Boselli, you are a balanced man. That was what the second title of my life story would be the balanced man.

I asked Topel if he could go on a road trip with any celebrity, who would it be and where would he go. Topel also said Pietro Boselli.

“I would say, jeez, that’s a good one. Any celebrity, we’ll, I am going to have to bring up Pietro Boselli again. I think he would be very nice to travel with. He’s intellectual, also a mechanical engineer, and you know he is a very good looking dude, he’s very well-traveled, and cultured, and has a lot to offer in terms of conversation and knowledge. I would probably go somewhere in South America, I really love Brazil, probably my favorite place to vacation. Rio De Janeiro maybe, yeah, it’s a great place for photos so,” said Topel.

I asked Topel, what he enjoys most about being a renaissance man?

“What do I enjoy most about being a renaissance man. I would say the excitement of paving your own path right. I like the idea of creating your own story and your own journey for yourself. That was a really big realization for me about a year ago. I kind of feel like I was kind of stuck, following someone else’s path. You know graduate college, work full time for 40 years, retire and that’s your life. So, I kind of got this mindset that I really need to take advantage of every opportunity in front of me. So I’m just going to go out, become my own man, my own person and work for myself and become an entrepreneur.
What do I love about that? It’s exciting, every day is new and fresh. There is never a schedule. A lot of things are very spontaneous and I get a lot of reactions across the board.
Some people are like, what are you doing? I can’t believe it, then I run into people like yourself. Who are just extremely motivating and happy to see what I’m doing. I enjoy doing what I love, craving my own path, and seeing the reactions along the way. Hopefully, I can add impacting other people’s lives to that description. I want to use my platform, spontaneity, and energy to positively impact others. I get a lot of it through personal training, etc., it’s coming into fruition if you will, but it’s a work in progress,” said Topel.

I asked Topel about his underwear preferences.

“I like boxers, I’m an All-American guy, I really like Tommy Hilfiger or if I am feeling a little bit more extravagant, I’ll do Calvin Klein. My favorite color would probably be white or black. I would say white first, and then black,” said Topel.

I asked Topel if his mantra was a hashtag, what would it be and why?

“If my life mantra would be a hashtag, what would it be and why? Interesting, I would say #FitLikeNick. That’s what I like #FitLikeNick because it could take on a lot of different forms. I mean physical fitness is definitely what I try to display for my lifestyle, #FitLikeNick. I travel a lot, I do a lot of cool, spontaneous things, for instance, like this morning I just went for a nice hike, that’s not something I normally do.
You could use me as a model to understand that fitness can take on many different forms. So, being in shape, and having a six-pack doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the epiphany of fitness. There is mental, physical and social fitness as well. Those are all the things that I try to balance in my life, in terms of not being overwhelmed. #FitLikeNick really signifies just being well rounded and healthy in a lot of different aspects of your life,” said Topel.


If Topel could host a Ted Talk on any topic, what would it be and why?

“Oh jeez, if I could host a Ted Talk on any topic, it would be the topic of nutrition and basically leveraging the idea of calorie balance to achieve your physique goals. Whether you’re trying to add mass or reduce your body fat. I’m very passionate about fitness, particularly nutrition actually the whole calorie balance thing is really a mechanical engineering concept because it has to deal with the laws of thermodynamics. The way that energy can not be created or destroyed it can only be stored in other vessels. I think that would be something that I can speak really well on. I’ve got a bunch of tricks and secrets that I can discuss, that I can share with my clients from training. I think that would be great talking about calorie balance,” said Topel.

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Nathan Hainline

I recently had an opportunity to speak with handsome and charming Nathan Hainline.

By: Joshua Conner

Nathan Hainline is a health insurance agent at US Health Advisors, book cover model, and freelance photographer from in Wichita Falls, Texas. Hainline inspires me professionally and personally. Hainline’s inspires me professionally because of his work ethics, and entrepreneurial spirit. Hainline inspires me personally because of how he has served in the military for our country, physique, photography, charisma, and how he has been on the cover of several of my favorite Daryl Banner books, including the upcoming Garret’s Game.

What would be the title of Hainline’s life story and who would play him in a movie?

“Throwing some tough ones, at me, huh, drawing a blank here. I’m trying to write a book, and I’m going to have to think of a title for that book. Titles are the hardest part when I think about writing books or movies. I would always choose the title last, and have the story determine the title instead of the title determine the story.  So, I guess Against the Odds, is what I would put as the title of my movie. I’m still not a success story, where you would write the movie on. I’m in the part where the main person in the story is failing and trying to climb his way out of the gutter. So, the story is still being written, hopefully, it has a happy ending.

Without sounding too arrogant, I would say Tom Cruise, would play me in a movie. The only reason I choose Tom Cruise is that he is short. I don’t know if you know, I’m 5’6. I’m not very tall, and I weigh about 150 pounds. So, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the pictures. When people talk about being a model, I consider myself more of an artist, as opposed to being a model, because I’m a photographer, I create all of my own images,” said Hainline.

Hainline’s most memorable year was 2014 because it was when he moved back to his hometown.

“That’s a tough one, I try not to, I’m one of those people who doesn’t really think about what has already happened, at this point, it’s always the years to come. So, it’s always the year that I’m in is always the most memorable. I guess it can be the year, that I’m in is always the most memorable. I guess it can be the year that I moved here, which was back in 2014. I packed up, and just left Minnesota, for no apparent reason, and moved back to where I was from.
So my parents split up where I was from. My mom’s side is up north,  my dad’s side is down south, here in Texas. So, I was a mail carrier, up in Minnesota, with all the snow. Snow, up to the waist, sometimes. Rain, sleet, or snow, you still have to go for the mail, so give your mailroom a high five next time. That’s hard work, I just didn’t want to do that, and I didn’t like the direction my life was going, nothing was happening there. So, if I’m going to make a change for the positive, I just haven’t done. I enroll in college here, and got a business degree, in marketing. I meet a girl of course, so that’s the reason I stayed here. The year,  that I made biggest life changes would be 2014,” said Hainline.

If Hainline’s mantra was a hashtag, it would be #failforward.

“My hashtag would be #failforward. Yeah, fail forward, because that’s all I have done really over the course of the trials, and a lot of people will stop after trials. A lot of people will stop after so many fails, and you only I guess failure only comes from you stop trying so. I mean, I am going to keep failing forward, and I take my fails as a lesson learned. Your one fail closer to success,” said Hainline.

What is the story behind Hainline’s first tattoo?

“I can’t show you right now, but you can probably see from some of my pictures that I have a crown with my initials. It’s really not a meaning behind it, it’s just I got it when I was in basic training in the military and we were on leave,  it’s just the thing to do. I wanted to get a tattoo and be a badass. The only thing I could think of was, getting a crown, and just because I saw a picture on Pinterest, that looked cool and my initials.
Originally, I wanted to get it across my back, live every other guy, but then I realized that it looked kind of lame, because it looked like a jersey. Someone talked me out of that so that I was like that, I will just get something subtle with my name on it,” said Hainline.

“We offer selfless service and advice,” said Hainline about how he would describe US Health Advisors.

What do you enjoy most about being a photographer?

“Being able to create something that is not visible to the eye. When someone looks at a picture, and you saw what it looks like before like if you took a picture with a cellphone and a camera, it would be completely different things you would see. I enjoy being able to create something out of nothing,” said Hainline.

How did Hainline get involved in the book cover model industry?

“Well, I was bodybuilding at the time, but I was also an amateur photographer, doing photography for people on the side. I took a picture of myself a couple days before the show, and it was with really dark lighting on sunset. I was trying to get sponsored by a supplement company, so my post was getting shared a lot, and I was asking people to share my posts. Randomly, an author came across my post, with that picture,  and direct messaged me and said, I loved your picture and I would love to use it on on one of my books.
At the time, I was like, that’s not a real thing, that’s Fabio, that’s people from Hollywood, why would they want to use me. You can use it for free.
So the first book, I was ever on, I gave the image for free, just because I didn’t really believe it was going to be on a book. I just didn’t think it was going to be an opportunity. It ended up being legit, they used it on a book, and the book was published, they shared that. Authors were asking who’s that guy, I was tagged obviously. So other authors were asking what photographer I used, can I get some pictures of you. Actually, I’m my own photographer, so the rest is history. It made it really convenient that I was my own photographer,” said Hainline.

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Mo Dadkhah

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Mo Dadkhah, Chicago’s first rate attorney, ace realtor & handsome renaissance man.

By: Joshua Conner

Mo Dadkhah is the broker-owner at Main Street Real Estate Group, principal attorney-owner at Dadkhah Law Group, host-producer at Wheelhouse, co-host at WGN Radio- Market Overdrive and 2018 Chicago Association of Realtors YPN Chair. Dadkhah inspires me both personally and professionally. Professionally, I am inspired by Dadkhah’s work ethic, how he has successfully diversified his brand, entrepreneurial spirit and how he was named top producer by the Chicago Association of Realtors in 2016 and 2017. Personally, I am inspired by Dadkhah’s physique, style, and passion for racing.

What is a day in the life of Dadkhah like?

“Depends on the day of the week, but for the most part, I am not one of those early risers, that’s up at 4:30 in the morning. I typically wake up around 8 am. I also go to sleep very late. I’m usually the type of guy who’s awake working until 2 or 3 in the morning, cause late at night, fewer people bother me. I coach and train a lot of people, with the ventures I have. I end up having to deal with a lot of phone calls and emails throughout the day and emails throughout the day and very late at night, I get a lot of my best work done. So, I wake up around 8 am, and I let my dog out to play a little bit. I don’t drink coffee in the morning, so I just make myself a pre-workout smoothie, which is kind of like my coffee. Then, I just begin, starting to respond to some of the emails. I respond to everybody’s emails at midnight,  going back to the beginning of the day. Son anything going back to midnight, to about 8 am, I’ll start to answer. Depending on which office, I’m supposed to be at, either Main Street, the law firm, the podcast or tech startup, I end up starting to focus on wherever I need to go, to be for that,” said Dadkhah.

What would be the title of Dadkhah’s life story and who would play him in a movie?

“The title of my life story would be never quit. As funny as it sounds, I pick good old Tom Cruise. Everybody, says that I am a Persian Tom Cruise,”  said Dadkhah.

If Dadkhah’s mantra was a hashtag, it would also be #NeverQuit.

“I think that throughout my career so far, which has probably been 10 years now. I graduated from law school in 2009, which was probably the worst job economy to come out in. The job offers were really bad, I got two terrible offers, and it lead me to question what I was doing, and then I opened my own law firm. So, I opened it, right out of law school, which was a pretty scary thing. I had no business at all. I had law knowledge, but law school doesn’t teach you to practice law. So, I literally would go on Craigslist and cover cases for $50, I grinded and grinded.
I went on and got a real estate license, just to have a second job, really, because law wasn’t cutting it on its own, but I didn’t want to quit my law firm. So, I worked two jobs, one thing lead to another, I find myself relatively successful to them, but it’s been 10 years. Between then, I had a really bad business partnership, lost business, and just every step along the way, I just every step along the way, I just keep thinking to myself as long as I don’t quit and I always say fail forward. So, if you’re going to fail, fail ahead, you know a good friend of mine Tommy, used that one time in a coaching session. If your going to fail, fail forward, no one has ever been successful without failing. I just keep saying to myself, whatever happens never quit, if you’re still making forward movement, you’re eventually going to end up successful,” said Dadkhah.

What is Dadkhah’s underwear preferences?

“I’m going to tell you, I only wear Alfani boxer briefs. They’re comfortable, they’re relatively inexpensive, if someone went through my boxer drawer, the only thing they would see are Alfani boxer briefs,” said Dadkhah.

What is the greatest lesson that Jiu Jitsu has taught Dadkhah?  

“I think Jiu-Jitsu has taught me is that there are always levels in everything you do. To become absolutely great at something, you have to be willing to learn it practically your entire life. With Jiu-Jitsu, I have been on and off, because I have been working on different things. If you’re not learning Jiu Jitsu, and not constantly improving, I think that translates really well into business. I think that’s why a lot of jiu-jitsu practitioners are also very good business people because there is always someone better than you. Your always trying to learn new things, you’re always trying to catch up and as soon as you learn all that, and you learn what you need to learn, new things pop up. Same as business today, social media is evolving, the way you market yourself is evolving, the game of jiu-jitsu has evolved. I think it’s taught me that if you’re not constantly learning, you don’t make learning a lifelong passion of yours, you’re never going to be exceptional at it. I think that’s probably my best lesson learned from jiu-jitsu,” said Dadkhah.

What is one sentence would Dadkhah like people to use to describe his real estate business?

“I would say that every single client’s transaction, is the most important transaction that you’re working on. The reason being, for that person, that real estate transaction, is the most important thing that is likely going on in their lives. It’s the house, they are probably going to raise their kids in, probably grow older in, and they’re going to have a lot of experiences in. Definitely, the most expensive transaction, they are going to have to make in their lives.
Even though you may have 50 files your working on, you have to make sure, you’re giving that person that level of care, they need. If you can’t give that person that level of care, well then you’re going to have to create a team, within your structure, so that person doesn’t end up neglected. I think that a lot of realtors are afraid of creating a business themselves because they don’t want to give a piece of the pie, but at some point, it’s going to diminish return, when you’re not really taking care of your clients well,” said Dadkhah.  

If Dadkhah could feature any famous guest died or live on his wheelhouse podcast, who would it be and what is one question would he ask them?

“There are so many people,  I would want to feature for so many different reasons. If you did a top 3, I would do, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk and I would definitely do my favorite race car driver Michael Schumacher, that would be my top 3 for all different reasons. To be honest, I would probably have Elon Musk on, and I would just try to find out from him, what has constantly kept him evolving his mind, into different ideas and different areas of business. He goes from PayPal to Tesla to SpaceX, and he is successful in everything he does. I just would want to try to get a look into what Elon Musk thinks about when he is sitting there all by himself. He’s obviously,  a problem solver. If I had to have just one on, I would want to have Elon Musk on because, he is successful in so many different areas, not just one and he is constantly evolving. I would love to figure out, what goes on in his head,” said Dadkhah.

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