Dr. Louis Santini

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the handsome and athletic Dr. Louis Santini.

By: Joshua Conner

Dr. Louis Santini is a dentist, from Iron Mountain, Michigan, and currently living in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Santini inspires me personally and professionally. Professionally, I am inspired by how Dr. Santini reinvented himself. Personally, I am inspired by Dr. Santini’s passion for cooking, how he is a marathon runner, style, physique and the brand ambassador for one of my favorite men’s underwear lines Richard Dayhoff.

What would be the title of Dr. Santini’s life story and who would play him in a movie?

“Let’s see, I’m going to go with Take it easy, kind of like the song by The Eagles. I would say Bradley Cooper would play me because people have told me that I look like him before,” said Dr. Santini.

If Dr. Santini’s mantra was a hashtag, it would be live with purpose.

“Let’s go with live with purpose. That’s just you know, particular with me because I think life is kind of dull and boring if you don’t have a purpose,” said Dr. Santini.

What was Dr. Santini’s most memorable year?

“My most memorable year, you know it was a couple of them. I would probably say, I’ll give you two options, either moving to Chicago because I come from a really small town in northern Michigan. So, I’m a small town guy and moving to a big city was a pretty big step. I would say getting into dental school, was my other memorable year, that’s another story. I kind of took a break from school and was working in business in Chicago, when I first moved here, and I wasn’t that happy. The dream of getting into dental school seemed unattainable, but you know somehow with persistence, I was able to get that,” said Dr. Santini.

What does Dr. Santini enjoy about being a dentist?

“What do I like about being a dentist, well number one, I like being able to help people. It’s very rewarding, being able to help people. I like to work with my hands and be creative, so dentistry allows me to do that. You know, whether you are getting someone out of pain, or you are making someone’s smile more aesthetic, you know being comfortable smiling again. I like that my hours are pretty much set, where I don’t have to work on weekends or late at night. I mean unless someone calls with an emergency, that’s the benefit of it.

I would say those things, you know, really being able to help people, being able to be creative, having a major impact on someone’s health, sometimes we can catch diseases that the primary care physician can’t catch, like cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure, that kind of stuff,” said Dr. Santini.

“I would say ethical care, with a passion for excellence,” said Dr. Santini, when asked how he would describe the quality of his care.

What was Dr. Santini’s most memorable marathon to run?

“It would have to be my first one. That was in 2017, that was the one I did with Lawrence Dunning. I had never run a marathon before that, and you know Ryan Chiaverini, his mom passed away from cancer. So he gathered a group of us through Imerman Angels, as a team to run it that year. Unfortunately, Ryan got an injury, so he couldn’t do it. Nate had an injury, he couldn’t do it. So really, it just came down to Lawrence and I, as the last two guys on the team. It was really neat because I played athletics my whole life, but that was a challenge, I respect anyone that has ever run a marathon because it’s really stressful and tough. It was awesome to run with a friend like Lawrence. The whole way through, we cheered each other on, and it was definitely a fun time,” said Dr. Santini.

What is Dr. Santini’s underwear preference?

“Well, I think you know, I’m close friends with Richard Dayhoff, the famous Chicago designer. I wear his trunks, so I’m a big fan of his underwear, it’s what I’m wearing now, kind of like to give him a plug,” said Dr. Santini.

You can follow Dr. Santini on Instagram @louiesantini

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Ryan Chiaverini

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the handsome, talented & award-winning television personality Ryan Chiaverini.

By: Joshua Conner

Ryan Chiaverini is the Emmy Winning co-host of Windy Live on ABC 7 Chicago, musician, sports anchor, and philanthropist. I have been a fan of the show Windy City Live since the beginning and one of the reasons is because of Chiaverini. Whether it’s speaking with him for a post, watching him during one of the tapings of Windy City Live, being an extra in his Chicago music video or running into him during a Chicago/Midwest Emmy award ceremony, Chiaverini has been a class act and gentleman. Chiaverini inspires me professionally and personally. Professionally, I am inspired by the versatility of Chiaverini’s brand & his witty interviewing finesse. Personally, I am inspired by Chiaverini’s resiliency, style, fitness enthusiasm, humor, and he was named CS Modern Luxury Men’s Book Chicago Man of the year.

What is a day in the life of Chiaverini like?

“That just depends on what the day is. I mean, you know what I do for a living, so some days are amazing because I get to meet my childhood heroes, you know big-named movie stars. You know while it’s fun and fulfilling in some ways when I am not in front of the camera, I really like to relax. I mean, as soon as I get offset, I get out of my sportcoat, and like to be in casual clothes, in a casual environment and really just enjoying being with friends and family,” said Chiaverini.

What would be the title of Chiaverini’s life story and who would play him in a movie?

“A lot of people think that Ryan Reynolds and I resemble each other. In fact, people, have actually mistaken me for him. I guess him or Jason Bateman because I really like him. I think the title of my movie would be, I bet you didn’t know. I guess that’s because there are a lot of things in my life, that I have had to endure or persevere through, but people don’t really see that when you’re on television and you’re wearing a nice suit, people assume things about you. I think there are a lot of things in my life, having a mother who was addicted to alcohol, going through a really tough childhood, a lot of poverty, and struggles. I just think it helps my brother and I endure a lot of things,  that people just don’t realize when they see the surface,” said Chiaverini.

What song would play on the opening credits to Chiaverini’s life movie?

“Probably, don’t stop believin’ by Journey. I just think again, going back to my childhood, some of the things that we had to overcome, you just can’t stop believing. I mean there were times in my life when my brother and I were young, we were literally hungry and my mother was heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol and my father at the time was just living further away and he didn’t really know everything that was going on in our lives. So I think don’t stop believing is a good song for me,” said Chiaverini.

If Chiaverini’s mantra was a hashtag, it would be #youonlyliveoncesomakethemostofit.

“I just think that people have a lot of regret in life, you know I’ve got a couple. I think I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, that you’ve really got to chase your dreams while you can because life will pass you by. You don’t want to be sitting in your rocking chair, when your older, going I wish I would have done that. A lot of people told me not to get into television because it was too hard of a career and you’re never going to make it. If I would have listened to those people, I wonder what I would be doing today,” said Chiaverini.

What was Chiaverini’s most memorable year?

“My 40th year, mainly because, I lost my mom, so it was a really trying year for me. She didn’t get to see my 40th birthday, which was really tough. It doesn’t matter, how old you are nothing prepares you for losing a parent. At the same time, after she passed away, a lot of great things happened. I won an Emmy and I got the cover of Men’s Book Chicago for Men of the year. I really felt like my mom was up there, looking at God, like that’s my son, let’s make some good things happen down there. I really felt like she was with me, in a spiritual sense,” said Chiaverini.

What are Chiaverini’s underwear preferences?

“Oh, boxer briefs, hands down, you got comfort and support. So you can wear a nice suit or go to the gym. Favorite brand, I guess right now, I’m really liking some Tommy Hilfiger, but whatever is comfortable and does the job, I’m in,” said Chiaverini.

If Chiaverini could collaborate on a song with any artist dead or alive it would be Elvis Presley.

“Hands down Elvis Presley! I watch every documentary or movie about the king. His Ora and stage presence was so captivating and how he changed rock and roll forever,” said Chiaverini.

What does Chiaverini enjoy most about singing and producing music?

“Music has always just moved my soul. My father is a professional musician, so it really runs deep in my blood. There’s a certain energy and feel you get when you’re on stage, playing, that is unmatched by anything else,” said Chiaverini.

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You can follow Ryan Chiaverini on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @RyanChiaverini also check out his website ryanchiaverini.com.

Nate Bianchi

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Nate Bianchi, Chicago’s data analytics ace & witty Instagram bio creator.

By: Joshua Conner

I have always been inspired by Nate Bianchi, associate director of marketing sciences at OMD USA, personally & professionally.

Professionally, when Bianchi posted his computer science resume on the job site Monster, he received a call back 5 days later, and was later hired by a marketing agency. Personally, Bianchi has even collaborated with renowned fashion designer Richard Dayhoff as well as photographer and model scout Joem Bayawa, to produce some epic photos.

A day in the life of Bianchi begins early in the morning, around 6 or 7 am. He gets up early so he can have some self investment time.

“You should always give some time to yourself, before you give your time to your job or to someone else,” said Bianchi.

Bianchi then does some work around the house, take care of emails, and heads to the office. He is usually at the office by 9am, with a quick lunch at 11:30 am or noon. He is normally out of the office by 6pm, although he tends to have some late nights at work. After he comes back home and regroups, Bianchi heads to the gym at around 8 or 8:30 pm, and works out for a couple of hours. He then comes back home, after his work out, and relaxes before going to bed, to prepare for the next day.

“Sometimes, I stay at work until 10:00 at night, but for the most part, I try to give myself free time before I go to work in the morning and in the evening as well,” said Bianchi.

Bianchi passion for computer science and data, was passed down from his father. Bianchi’s father taught him how to program and gave him a computer with Windows 3.1, when he was in high school.

“I bet you can say primitive by today’s standards, but for that period it was very advanced,” he said.

Bianchi continued to pursue programming in high school and college. He ended up getting involved in the computer science side of marketing.

“So I went to college and was a computer science major like my dad, and got my degree. I came back to Chicago, put my resume on Monster.com, and a marketing agency called me 5 days after I put up my resume,” he said.

Although he planned on only staying with the company for a couple of years, he ended up staying for 11 years.

“Once you’ve been in an industry for 11 years, it’s hard to do something different. You have a lot of experience, and a lot of just working in that industry, and you just know that industry so well. So I left there after 11 years, and got some different jobs within different marketing agencies around the city,” he said.

Bianchi likes how even though he has worked for a lot of different marketing agencies, all of them have been very data intensive and focused on data analytics.

How does Bianchi measure success?

“I think success is relative to everyone. I think different people have different standards for success that they set for themselves. Different people will get different opportunities,” he said.

Bianchi explained that you can’t compare yourself to other people success and it’s really about the distance you have traveled. Bianchi also explained that happiness is another important aspect of success.

“I think a lot of people find a lot of success in the world and they make a lot of money, but they spend their entire lives: at the office, on the road or in the airplane traveling for work. They don’t do the things in life they really want to do and their miserable their whole lives the whole time, their doing it. So while they look at their material possessions and be very successful at what they do, they’re not really happy and they’re not really doing what they’re enjoying. So I think happiness and satisfaction is the measure of success as well,” said Bianchi.

How does Bianchi come up with such witty Instagram bios?

“I don’t know, you know it just kind of pops into my head. You know my friend Ryan Chiaverini, and you know a couple of my other friends. We trade memes, even a meme for a meme. I mean not all day, but during the course of the day, we just trade funny memes online back and forth on Instagram and laugh at them. So I feel like humor is very contagious and laughter is very contagious. When your trading all these witty, happy statements with each other, funny things kind of pop into your head.

The other thing is I love Seinfeld, it’s probably my favorite show of all time. I’ve probably seen every episode at least 3 or 4 times. So I like that kind of humor and try to immerse myself in that sort of thing. If you have a bad day, or what have you, you just need a half an hour of Seinfeld to make you feel better about things, and kind of lift your spirits a little bit. I think it’s just a result of having funny friends and being in front of lots of funny topics, like that. After awhile you start to think of funny things yourself,” said Bianchi.

Who does Bianchi think would play him in a movie?

“I know who would play me, Ben Stiller, because people tell me I look a lot like him. I watch his movies, and it just freaks me out, because the way he acts, the the things that he does and his mannerisms are just things I do,” said Bianchi on his celebrity twin.

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