Daniel Hammaecher

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the charismatic and hard-working athlete and family man Daniel Hammaecher.

By: Joshua Conner

Screenshot from my conversation with Daniel Hammaecher on Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Screenshot from my conversation with Daniel Hammaecher on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Daniel Hammaecher, originally from France, but based in Los Angeles, California is a: certified personal trainer, fitness model, competitor, brand ambassador, and professionally sponsored athlete. Hammaecher is as sexy and charming, as his french accent. I am inspired everyday by Hammaecher’s: passion, physique, style, dedication to family and work ethics.

I asked Hammaecher what his life mission is.

“That’s a big question. Well, you know, I’m at a level of just trying to inspire people to get healthy, and stay in shape, and not just a few people. Everyone can just be focused and determined in whatever you want to do,” said Hammaecher.

Then, I asked Hammaecher to explain his life philosophy.

“I have always had a dream of living in California. I was working hard to get a green card to be able to move over to the United States. So, it took me five years to get this green card, by being the best in my field in France to get a pro card, then a green card, and being able to move to the United States. I changed my life, I took a risk, to restart everything from zero, in another country, going from square one,” said Hammaecher.

I asked Hammaecher what would be the title of his life story and who would play him in a movie.

“The title of the movie would be, When you fall, stand up and continue, and I will play myself,” said Hammaecher.

I asked Hammaecher’s underwear preferences.

“I wear boxers, and my favorite brand is Addicted,” said Hammaecher.

I asked Hammaecher if he would ever consider posing for ESPN Body Issue and what does he imagine it would look like?

“I would love to be featured on ESPN. I am always honored to be featured in magazines, especially to be on the cover. What do I imagine it to look like? I see a black and white cover, me, being naked, and showcasing the human body. Some people ask me, why do you like being naked? I say because it was the way you were born, haha,” said Hammaecher.

I asked Hammaecher what are his top three favorite things of 2019.

“So for me, I’m alive, I enjoy my sons, and I enjoy my family,” said Hammaecher.

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Ryan Young

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Ryan Young, Los Angeles’s runner, model & adventurer.

By: Joshua Conner

I have always been inspired by Ryan Young: Ultra distance runner, model, social media influencer & creator of RunWithRyan.org. Young is a brilliant writer & social media influencer, he has over 65.4K followers on Instagram & over 7,000 likes on Facebook. Young has also modeled for renowned photographers including: Kevin McDermott, Tony Duran, Serge Lee & Karl Simone to name a few. With every post that Young produces, he gives a followers a passport into his quest of introspection, mindfulness & wonder.

What is a day in the life of Young like?

“What’s a day in the life-like, I wake up, usually grateful every morning. I try to make it a point to wake up in a truly positive state. I am little without my morning cup coffee, so I have some coffee. Then, I try to incorporate something into my life, right off the back. Whether, it’s a podcast, great YouTube video or if I am reading something really positive and it kind of gets me motivated for the day. From there I usually get in my daily run, whatever the like that’s going to be, followed immediately by twenty minutes of mediation. It’s something about going from this extreme physical state, where I am working my heart rate & emotions up, transitioning to this stillness of a mediation. Then I calm back down and settle for the day,” said Young.

Young, then explained how his days could go any number of different ways. Since Young is living in LA, and making a living as a print model, he will have some castings to go to. Young may also spend the day being creative in some way.

“I might have more of a day to focus on writing or creating some videos, basically being creative in some way. Whether that’s being creative with the kind of adventures that I have gone off and done, and putting that into some sort of context, and then kind of putting that out in the world. Or if it’s in fact, being creative,  is planning out something new to take on,” said Young.

Young then does a lifting or cross training session at the gym. In the evening, Young reads, watch the news and relaxes.

“I think taking care of ourselves is important,” said Young.

What is Young’s favorite coffee brand?

“Oh man, haha I have to pick. Well here’s the thing, I love Peet’s Coffee. Yeah, I will just go with Peet’s Coffee, it’s my top choice, but I am always trying all sorts of different coffees. In fact right now, it’s the holiday season,  and I remember last year, at some store, everything was marked down. I found this peppermint infused coffee, it’s normally not my thing, I just like coffee, straight up black roasted, but now I am searching furiously online trying to get it again. I’m always open to any sort of coffees and brews,” said Young.

In an Instagram post, Young stated how inspired he was by essayist Norman Mailer, but what is his favorite Norman Mailer quote?

“I remember he had a great quote, “I don’t think life is absurd. I think we are all here for a huge purpose. I think we shrink from the immersing of the purpose we are here for,” something about that really resonates with me,” said Young.

What does Young prefer boxers, briefs or boxer briefs and what are his favorite brand?

“I have two favorite brands actually, that I go back and forth between. They both end up on my Instagram very frequently. One is a brand called D.Hedral. I just find it moves with me, you know it moves all parts. The other brand is Tani underwear. Which also ends up on Instagram fairly often. That is hands down, the softest material for clothing, I have ever felt. Whether it’s the briefs that I run into wear, or the T-Shirts, or the sweatshirts or the sweats, they are just incredibly soft,” said Young.

What would be the thesis statement of Young’s life?

“What would be the thesis statement of my life, wow. I’m on a mission, I suppose to challenge both my body & mind. I want to push the limits of what I perceive to be possible. In turn I suppose I get to meet like-minded people along the way. I love coming across & meeting people with really interesting stories of themselves: overcoming odds, overcoming challenges, incorporating challenges into their lives & how they are able to keep themselves going. I get a lot of inspiration from that and even in turn, the ending kind of being this circle of inspiration, I suppose that keeps me going & it ends up coming back around,” said Young.

Check out Ryan Young’s website https://runwithryan.org. and you can follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ryyoung/ also like on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/runwithryan/

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