Lance A. Parker

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a handsome and hardworking CEO and athlete Lance A. Parker.

By: Joshua Conner

Lance A. Parker is the CEO and Founder of Parker Peak Performance, retired soccer pro, director of nutrition for Performix and Founding Trainer for Get The Mirror. Parker inspires me professionally, because of his work ethics and how he has branded himself. I am inspired by Parker’s physique, style, passion and how he has reinvented himself.

I asked Parker, what is his life’s mission.

“To figure out my life’s mission, haha,” said Parker.

I asked Parker if his mantra was a hashtag, what would it be and why?

“I have different mantras that I’ll use depending on the day or time of my life, but the one I like is #betterthanyesterday. I’m always continuously trying to improve myself in all aspects of my life,” said Parker.

I asked Parker what was his most memorable year?

“I can’t say that one specifically stands out, but my most memorable years have often been transition years from either living in one location and moving to another, changing soccer teams, transitioning to new professions, Etc,” said Parker.

I asked Parker about his underwear preferences.

“I prefer trunks, my favorite brand is Calvin Klein, and my favorite color is black,” said Parker.

I have always been inspired by Parker’s style, so I asked him how he picked out his wardrobe.

“I’m a minimalist so I have to be very careful with what I choose to fill up my wardrobe with. I gravitate towards solid, neutral, colors that can all be mixed and matched together well to give me a large option of outfits with minimal clothing pieces,” said Parker.

I asked Parker, what does he enjoy most about being CEO of Parker Peak Performance.

“Being able to schedule my week. While playing soccer, I never had control of what my days, weeks, and years would look like, so having that freedom now is very nice to have,” said Parker.

I asked Parker, what is one sentence would he like people to use to describe Parker Peak Performance.

“A place that high-performance individuals turn to when wanting to upgrade their health and unlock their full potential,” said Parker.

I asked Parker if he could host a podcast on any topic, what would it be about and who would be your first guest?

“I think it would be interesting to interview Neil deGrasse Tyson and just let him talk about whatever is on his mind. He’s an extremely intelligent and interesting human that I enjoy listening to and learning from,” said Parker.

I asked Parker, what is his favorite inspirational quote?

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, by Tim Notke,” said Lance Parker.

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You can find out more about Lance Parker by following him on Instagram @lanceaparker, and Facebook @lanceAparker1, you can also check out his website

Kevin Ronald Davis

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the handsome Kevin Ronald Davis, a brawny fitness enthusiast enjoying his second act.

By: Joshua Conner

Kevin Ronald Davis is an ex-United States Air Force Fire Protection Firefighter, cover model, works at Crunch Fitness, a gym/fitness enthusiast and in recovery loving life, based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am inspired by Davis because of his service, how he used his struggles of overcoming addiction to help people, his dedication to fitness, physique and how he has reinvented himself.

What is Davis’s mission in the world?

“I recently started recovery, I’m seventeen months clean today, so it’s like my life has sort of started over. My mission now is to be my best self and hopefully, I can inspire others. I want to show people that not only is it possible to change and recover, but you can do it at any age. I started my recovery journey at forty-nine and I am fifty now. My life has sort of turned around for the better. I’ve got a lot of great things happening for me even at the age of 50,” said Davis.

What is Davis’s life philosophy?

“I guess my life philosophy would be, having a positive attitude, is probably the biggest step in doing anything that you want to do. I had to change my attitude in the way that I thought about things. My addiction made me think very negative about myself, and about what was possible for me.
Once I started, changing my attitude and seeing progress, I started thinking differently. I started thinking that I can do this or this is possible. My attitude changed, then more good things started happening. Now my attitude is just like, I can do this if I want to do something. Then, when something good happens to me, it’s just like yeah, instead of, wow, I can’t believe that it’s happening. Now, I just expect good things to happen. I would just say, just having the right mental and positive attitude is probably the best philosophy to have,” said Davis.

If Davis could go on a road trip with any celebrity who would it be and where would they travel to?

“I would probably take a road trip with Ellen DeGeneres, and I wouldn’t care where we went, because she would keep me laughing the whole time,” said Davis.

What are Davis’s underwear preferences?

“I like briefs, and I normally wear Calvin Klein,” said Davis.

Davis has two memorable years, the first was when he joined the Air Force and the second was his recovery year.

“I would say, I have two. The first was the year that I joined the Air Force. I would say the second would be this year, not only have I started fresh and new, but after so many years of my addiction, I was just cloudy. Now, it’s like I have my eyes open again.
This past year has been remarkable, it’s the first time, I started living again, in a long time. I’ve learned so much about myself through all my bad experiences. I think sometimes, you can’t learn things, through good experiences. Sometimes, it takes bad experiences to learn the most about yourself. I learned the most about myself during the past few years before I started recovery. I would not take back those experiences for anything. I think hitting rock bottom was the very best thing that ever happened to me,” said Davis.

Davis became fascinated with the compass during rehab.

“When I was getting rehab, I saw that tattoo. I had not gotten a tattoo in many years. I knew that I wanted one, I had seen a picture of a compass, and I liked the idea of it. It sort of represents moving in the right direction. When I started thinking about that, I was like, that’s going to be my next tattoo,” said Davis.

What does Davis enjoy most about working at Crunch Fitness?

“When I was in rehab, I had just started working out again, and it had been years. That was something that I believe helped me through most of my recovery. Getting back to the gym, helped me to feel better about myself. I could see the positive changes, and it helped me to clear my head. I started to feel better about myself physically, mentally and get my self-esteem back. I was in the gym a lot at Crunch Fitness before I started working there.
To me, it was a place where I started feeling good about myself again. I kind of wanted to work in that environment, I got to help people, and I also just felt like it was a good fit for me. I enjoyed being in that environment,” said Davis.

Hugh Jackman is who Davis would pick to play him in a movie, but what would be the title of his life story?

“I would say, my story could be called Never too late,” said Davis.

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You can learn more about Kevin Davis by following him on Instagram and Facebook @kevinronalddavis and his website

Dr. Amaan Sadruddin

I recently had an opportunity to speak with one of Chicago’s handsome, astute & creative Renaissance Man Dr. Amaan Sadruddin.

By: Joshua Conner

Dr. Amaan Sadruddin is a doctor specializing in surgery and medicine, electronic music producer and model based in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Sadruddin inspires me both professionally and personally. Professionally, I am inspired by Dr. Sadruddin passion for helping his patients and their families, his work ethics, and how versatile his brand is. Personally, I am inspired by Dr. Sadruddin musicality, style, physique, and his creativity.

What would be the title of Dr. Sadruddin life story and who would play him in a movie?

“That’s a tough one because I have to put myself in a slightly narcissistic situation, which is very hard to do. Title of the movie would be, go after it. I’m a very simple guy, that’s just how it would be. I think anyone would be able to play that movie. I don’t know, I don’t watch many movies, so that’s a really hard thing. I think I’d go with Johnny Depp, because of the way, he can switch characters really fast. If you see his movies, he can switch so beautifully and so fast. So, it’s the same for me, if I’m working in the hospital,  I have a different demeanor, and I don’t think the same way. If I’m back here, and I’m working on the creative stuff, then everything just changes,”said Dr. Sadruddin.

Dr. Sadruddin most memorable year, was last year, although he is expecting great things for this year.

“Most memorable year, you know what it would be this year. I got a chance, to do a lot of things, but since you asked specifically, it’s a really tough one, because you always want to look at the best of what is happening. This year has just started, so there is so much up ahead. Last year, was great, I meet a lot of interesting people and a lot of creative individuals. Just to see that vibe of people, not worrying about other things, and just for the sake of creating. Some people not doing it for the money, and really beautiful things can come from places like that. I would say last year, but this year was fantastic too,” said Dr. Sadruddin.

If Dr. Sadruddin mantra was a hashtag, it would be #committed.

“It would be committed, because I think that I am the type of individual, that if I say something, the least I have to do is be aware of what I said. If I say I am going to do something, I’ll take time out of my day, to figure out how I can spare it as much as I can. Sometimes, you put too much on your plate, and it’s really hard to bring it all together. I guess it would just be committed because that’s how it’s meant to be,” said Dr. Sadruddin.

What Dr. Sadruddin, enjoys most about being a doctor is the response.

“What do I enjoy most about being a doctor,  I think it’s the response. It’s just you can see emotions change so fast, and it works both ways. You can see them go from terribly worried to extremely relieved, it can also go the other way, they could be really well, and go to like instant pain. I’ve seen people shift when they come in, cause they happen to see one of their family members, and they walk in, and they see what happens to them, and the whole dynamic just changes. You can see the ripple effect, it’s like you see him going into shock, then the next family member,  and then the next. It really teaches you not to play around with your life,” said Dr. Sadruddin.

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