Lior Ofir

I recently had an opportunity to speak with security professional and BJJ brown belt Lior Ofir.

By: Joshua Conner

Lior Ofir is a defensive tactics specialist & vice president of Embassy Security Group, based in Chicago, Illinois. Ofir inspires me professionally and personally. Professionally, I am inspired because of how he successfully co-manages a security company. Personally, I am inspired by his physique, motivational speaking, and dedication to BJJ.

What is a day in the life of Ofir like?

“Actually every day is different, but it starts with me waking up really early in the morning, sometime around 6. I always start the day with my normal routine, which is drinking a glass of water, brushing my teeth, and going to the gym, normally at the start of my day. Then, I have meetings and I explore more opportunities with my security company and teaching self-defense concepts. Then, I come back home, and with my new baby and my wife, just sit, eat dinner and watch Netflix,” said Ofir.

Gladiator would be the title of Ofir’s life story and he would play himself in a movie.

If Ofir could leave his child one quality it would be grit.

“Grit would be one quality because life is full of ups and downs and there are always surprises, nothing is easy. So, we just need to prepare for and hope for the best case scenario instead of the worst case scenario, come with the right attitude, smile and understand that difficulties are apart of the experience. We are fortunate to be here, so we need to appreciate every day. If it’s not hard, or challenging, then it’s not really an accomplishment. You have to accept it and enjoy the ride, no matter how hard it is,” said Ofir.

What was Ofir’s most memorable year?

“Probably last year, because I had so many new things going on. I was involved in a competition on the jiu-jitsu field, and it went well, although I was injured. I opened up my new business, I was looking forward to that. I have a new baby, so I definitely think last year was amazing for me,” said Ofir.

How would Ofir describe his security company?

“I would say, first of all, our mission is to help different communities. The way we do it is not trying to push people to exceed their budget, but we are trying to find the most cost-effective way to increase the security level, by educating and teaching people how to do it. Most security companies are just pushing for security officers and technologies. We are doing that, but we are also trying to push people to really understand the protocols and procedures in everything we are doing. There was a quote by Benjamin Franklin, that I live my life by, ‘tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ I really like it, because at the end of the day, especially in security, but I think in everything in life,  every company, the more you involve the team, the members and the guests even, the better one organized unit it becomes,” said Ofir.

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