Patrick Cronen

I recently had an opportunity to speak to Patrick Cronen, Los Angeles’s versatile actor, mindful writer & proud Libra.

By: Joshua Conner

I have been a fan of Patrick Cronen, SAG-AFTRA actor at Patrick Cronen Inc, Screenwriter, freelance copywriter & editor, ever since I saw how funny he was in a DailyBurn TV Commercial. I was really inspired by his Instagram page, where he gives his followers a look into his spiritual and meditative practices even his morning pages.

What is a day in the life of Cronen like?

“Honestly, it’s a bit of reading, writing and meditation in the morning,” said Cronen

Then Cronen plays with his dogs, takes them on a good walk, then a run and works out in the gym. 

“The rest of the day, is usually either auditions, or if I’m on set, working on whatever project, I’m working on that day. If I could get a little DIY in there would also be fun, but that’s usually a day in the life,” said Cronen.

Cronen has also played in popular television shows such as: The Young and the Restless, Life in Pieces & Jane The Virgin.

How did Cronen get his first tattoo?

“I had it on my left forearm, it was love this moment. I got it right as I was coming back, from sort of a revelatory trip to Mexico. I had literally brought a one way ticket, and was cooling my heels from several years in New York. I just didn’t know what I was going to do with my life next. So there was sort of up in the air, and it really sort of brought me into the present moment of my mind. Typically I tend to dwell in the past and on the future, but present moment awareness is something I am thankful mediation brought me to,” said Cronen.

“A girlfriend was getting her deceased brother’s name tattooed on her hand, and I was just there being support. I got into a conversation with a guy while, I was waiting outside of the shop. He asked if you could boil down the meaning of life into the shortest possible phrase what would it be, and we both sort of landed on love this moment. That presence is sort of what activates all things in life, and he goes good, come inside were tattooing that on your arm. I kind of inadvertently signed up for a tattoo, I loved it, but the ink started to spread, so that has been covered by an arrow on my left forearm that I like quite a bit as well, cause I’ve got a bit of Sagittarius in me to,” said Cronen.

What tarot card is most like Cronen?

“What tarot card, that’s funny because I actually do tarot quite a bit. I don’t know, I’d say either the Justice card or the Lovers. You know the Justice card represents being fair & balanced in all of your dealings. I got a tattoo on my arm, I’m a Libra, and I have 5 planets in Libra, so I really do seek things that are fair balanced. Is it just, is it moral, is it ethical are always kind of the first questions on my mind. Also, the lovers, because they represent not only love and compassion, but new beginnings, new opportunities, and sort of that coming together that you find in co creating, in partners, and lovers. The actual attraction game, but also in manifesting new and creating ideas in hardship,” said Cronen.

What would be the title of Cronen’s life story?

“What would be the title of my life story, I don’t know. It would probably be a pun though. I do like puns and bad jokes far more than a 36-year-old man should,” said Cronen.

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You can follow Patrick Cronen on Instagram @PatrickCronen1  in addition to Twitter  and check out his website