Lance A. Parker

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a handsome and hardworking CEO and athlete Lance A. Parker.

By: Joshua Conner

Lance A. Parker is the CEO and Founder of Parker Peak Performance, retired soccer pro, director of nutrition for Performix and Founding Trainer for Get The Mirror. Parker inspires me professionally, because of his work ethics and how he has branded himself. I am inspired by Parker’s physique, style, passion and how he has reinvented himself.

I asked Parker, what is his life’s mission.

“To figure out my life’s mission, haha,” said Parker.

I asked Parker if his mantra was a hashtag, what would it be and why?

“I have different mantras that I’ll use depending on the day or time of my life, but the one I like is #betterthanyesterday. I’m always continuously trying to improve myself in all aspects of my life,” said Parker.

I asked Parker what was his most memorable year?

“I can’t say that one specifically stands out, but my most memorable years have often been transition years from either living in one location and moving to another, changing soccer teams, transitioning to new professions, Etc,” said Parker.

I asked Parker about his underwear preferences.

“I prefer trunks, my favorite brand is Calvin Klein, and my favorite color is black,” said Parker.

I have always been inspired by Parker’s style, so I asked him how he picked out his wardrobe.

“I’m a minimalist so I have to be very careful with what I choose to fill up my wardrobe with. I gravitate towards solid, neutral, colors that can all be mixed and matched together well to give me a large option of outfits with minimal clothing pieces,” said Parker.

I asked Parker, what does he enjoy most about being CEO of Parker Peak Performance.

“Being able to schedule my week. While playing soccer, I never had control of what my days, weeks, and years would look like, so having that freedom now is very nice to have,” said Parker.

I asked Parker, what is one sentence would he like people to use to describe Parker Peak Performance.

“A place that high-performance individuals turn to when wanting to upgrade their health and unlock their full potential,” said Parker.

I asked Parker if he could host a podcast on any topic, what would it be about and who would be your first guest?

“I think it would be interesting to interview Neil deGrasse Tyson and just let him talk about whatever is on his mind. He’s an extremely intelligent and interesting human that I enjoy listening to and learning from,” said Parker.

I asked Parker, what is his favorite inspirational quote?

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, by Tim Notke,” said Lance Parker.

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Michael John Martiradonna

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the charming and witty Michael John Martiradonna.

By: Joshua Conner

Screenshot from my conversation with Michael John Martiradonna
Screenshot from my Skype conversation with Michael John Martiradonna

Michael John Martiradonna is an: online coach, owner of Michael J. Fitness, and former tactical athlete. Martiradonna inspires me because of his physique, style, passion and how he is on a mission to help his clients, ‘shred up to thirty lbs plus in less than ninety days with functional muscle training’.

I asked Martiradonna what his life philosophy is.

“My life philosophy, that is a big question to lead with. I guess my life philosophy is to continually grow. I see growth as my motivation, money isn’t the end goal. There is not just one finally, hurrah, I made it, I’m done. I just want to continue growing, pushing the limits of what is possible for myself and you know creating some sort of impact on the world, even if it’s not me, myself doing it. I like to be able to enable other people to make an impact, I believe that’s growth too,” said Martiradonna.

I asked Martiradonna what his most memorable year was.

“I would say that would be 2013. That was the year that I had some really big changes, and I kind of transitioned from going in one direction to a completely different direction. I was working for the Navy, and I was preparing to be a Navy Seal, I was about to work for the military. I had some family problems, so I had to completely change direction. I went from looking to serve my country, to basically, my family is a mess, they need help. That was the biggest change of direction in my life,” said Martiradonna.

Then I asked Martiradonna about his underwear preferences.

“Oh man, Calvin Kleins are doing it for me. I think these are boxer briefs, right, the ones that are kind of form-fitting. I highly recommend them. If you are not with it guys, you are behind. They are comfortable, don’t bunch up on you, and I highly recommend them. They are great if you are active, very comfortable and very cozy,” said Martiradonna.

Martiradonna explained how connected with the masses is one of the reasons why he enjoys being an online coach.

“What do I enjoy most about being an online coach. I love the fact that I can connect with more people, rather than meeting with someone for a short period. I can also be there for that person weekly. So I can provide an extra level of accountability, and I can also do more than just what I can do at the gym. In the gym, I can just correct someone’s form and technique and give them a little motivation at that moment. It’s more of an all-encompassing concept. Now I can give someone advice on nutrition, now we hold them accountable in many different ways. We don’t have to just be dependent on that one time.
Online coaching gives me more time to reach even more people and it’s also getting better results because it’s more thorough and well rounded. Online coaching gives them more flexibility to be able to enjoy health as a part of their lifestyle. The relationship is not all circling around being at the gym,” said Martiradonna.

I asked Martiradonna what is one thing would he do with his business, if he could not fail.

“Well, that’s about how I operate, I run into the wall, and you know bounce right off it. I pretty much-run face-first into the wall, so I’m doing it. I travel for work, I was in London, I was in Toronto, and I’m going back to London in December. I’m also going to Arizona in a couple of weeks.
I’m just meeting guys, you know, meeting people who are doing what I’m doing, and playing on a level that is higher than me. I’m just upgrading my environment, getting around people who are doing what I want to be doing, the same can go for anyone, I would say. If you want to be doing what someone else is doing, and you want to do is better than them. You find someone who is doing it better than you. If you want big muscles, you have to get in the gym and train with the guy who’s got bigger muscles than you. Don’t surround yourself with a comfortable environment, that says that I’m good enough. If you are in an environment that drives you to get better, it will motivate you,” said Martiradonna.

I wrapped up by asking Martiradonna if his mantra was a hashtag, what would it be and why?

“I guess it could be something along the lines of, #keepgoing and #neverquit,” said Martiradonna.

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Jonathan Wright

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the handsome and inspirational cowboy Jonathan Wright.

By: Joshua Conner

Screenshot of my Skype Conversation with Jonathan Wright on Sunday, September 22, 2019.
Screenshot of my Skype Conversation with Jonathan Wright on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Jonathan Wright is an athlete, spartan, cowboy, and fitness model. Wright inspires me personally because of his great physique, style, and is an Oreos aficionado. Wright inspires me professionally because of his work ethic and how he uses his platform to inspire others.

I asked Wright, what his mission in the world is.

“I would say that my mission in the world is to inspire and help out as many people as I can, before I go. The inspiration part is important because that can go a long way right, that doesn’t have to just be one person. We could also do a lot to help people directly, while we are here, and I think a lot of that stems from me personally. I come from a very poor area, and there are not a lot of opportunities. That doesn’t mean there is not a lot of good people there, that have a lot of good ideas, and there are a lot of hard workers, things like that. They just kind of need to get that one opportunity or somebody to get behind them to give them that push,” said Wright.

I asked Wright what his life philosophy was. Wright explained that it was hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

“I would say my life philosophy would be to always keep a positive attitude and appreciate the good things in life. I think we all want to live a good and happy life and we should focus on that. That is kind of my philosophy, if something is going bad, you just have to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The mantra that I live by, that kind of goes with that is, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. I’m always going to hope for the best, but I’m kind of not bullshitting myself into thinking that something bad can’t happen either or you might have a hurdle or something to block you,” said Wright.

I asked Wright what would be the title of his life story and who would play him in a movie.

“This is a tough one, my life story, well I feel like it’s a lot of parts of it, I don’t necessarily know at this point. I would say the title of it would be something like Iron Will or Inspirational Work Ethic. A lot of things that I do, I’m not trying to do for myself. What I do, and what inspires me, and gives me the energy to get up so early in the morning is other people, that’s kind of the phase, I feel like I’m in my life right now. I’m 36, now, so I’m not super old, but I’m not super young either. I’m kind of like that middle-age road right now,” said Wright.

“Who would play me? That’s tough. Someone passionate. I think someone like Ed Norton. I like him, he’s got a good style and he has that passion element in the projects he plays in, like American History X,” said Wright.

I asked Wright about his underwear preferences.

“I wear boxer briefs personally. The regular ones, probably what every man grew up with tighty whiteys, and things like that. Then I started doing something every day, where I’m running or jumping, things like that. The regular briefs are way too tight. Boxers are a little baggy, so I guess, I’ve always for tons of years worn boxer briefs. I would say that most of my stuff is 2xist, although I do have some Calvin Klein. I don’t get fancy with it, just blue, gray and black, just normal and traditional stuff,” said Wright.

I asked Wright what oreo flavor best matches his personality.

“Haha, I like this question. Which flavor of Oreos do I like the most? Probably for me, if we are going with a specific flavor and not the traditional, I would say Smores. I like the combo of the graham crackers, the sweet, crunchy, marshmallows, and chocolate. I am kind of like that fun-loving combination of different kinds of things. That is one of the best flavors so,” said Wright.

I asked Wright what he enjoys most about being a cowboy.

“I am a big animal lover, I’m from Florida, so there is a lot of wildlife around there. I grew up in a farming community, so that’s kind of how I got into it. There were lots of ranchers and dairy and things like that. I also love horses and horseback riding. Now, where I live in California, is also a farming community, we have one of the biggest rodeos in the country. The rodeos are more about the animals when you go to a rodeo, you will see that they are showcasing the horses and all that. If it’s like bull riding or something like that, they are showing their strength. A bull is a 2,000-pound animal, that’s all muscle vs a 200-pound human being. I’ll say, it’s taking care of the animals, taking care of the land, and feeding people. Agricultural endeavors are needed in the world,” said Wright.

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Nick Topel

An exclusive with handsome renaissance man and scholar Nick Topel.

By: Joshua Conner

Screenshot from my Skype Interview with Nick Topel on September 19, 2019, Nick Topel Tank Top by Nike Joshua Conner shirt by BSN Supplements
Screenshot from my Skype Interview with Nick Topel on September 19, 2019, Nick Topel Tank Top by Nike Joshua Conner shirt by BSN Supplements

Nick Topel is an: entrepreneur, mechanical engineer, BSN Supplements sponsored athlete, cover model, personal trainer, and natural bodybuilder. Topel has been competitively swimming for over twelve years and even was rewarded with All American honors. You can consider Topel a social media influencer, with each post, he gives his 53.4 K followers a backstage pass to his excursions, modeling portfolio, and physique progress.

Topel has a smile who lights up the room and can be considered the whole package because is he is sexy, charismatic, funny, humble and studious. I am inspired every day by Topel’s physique, style, life experiences, swagger and how he has branded himself.

I recently had an opportunity to have an introspective conversation with this enterprising millennial who is definitely one to watch. This is an edited transcript from that conversation.

I asked Topel what his mission in the world is?

“What’s my mission in the world? That’s an interesting question. Recently, I have been trying to reshape and refocus my career. I have a background in engineering and pro bodybuilding. What I am trying to do now, is kind of combine my engineering skills, my interest in fitness, and my social media platform, to help inspire others to take control of their personal health and fitness. I have found that when you improve your physical well being, it translates to everywhere in your life. So, I guess that would be my mission, to use my resources and my platform to inspire others to become a better version of themselves,” said Topel.

I asked Topel what would be the title of his life story and who would play him in a movie?

“What would be the title of my life story and who would play me in a movie? Oh, interesting, man these are very introspective.
What would be the title of my life story? I kind of like the term wanderlust. I think that would be a very interesting way to describe my life. It can be translated in many different ways for one, I like to travel, and I also like to explore lots of different things. As I grow older, I try to be very open-minded about topics and ideas, and I think wanderlust can translate into something like physically exploring, but also mentally exploring. I’m also a mechanical engineer, I studied computer science and I’m also very big in the fitness industry. I think wanderlust would be a great title.
Who would play me? I don’t know, hopefully, it would be someone good-looking. I like Tom Cruise, I think Tom Cruise would be really good portraying me. I think we have similar styles and personalities. I think we look similar, I get that compliment occasionally when I am wearing the right stuff at the right angle. Yeah, I think Tom Cruise would be okay. No one ever asked me that before.

In an Instagram Q & A, a Topel Instagram Fan asked him who he has a celebrity crush on. Topel answered saying he has a celebrity crush on Pietro Boselli, Margot Robbie, and Blake Lively. I thought Topel might say Pietro Boselli because they both have engineering backgrounds, models and social media influencers.

 Screenshot from an Instagram Q and A hosted by Nick Topel
Screenshot from an Instagram Q and A hosted by Nick Topel

“You know what, I thought about saying that, and now that you have brought it up, I will say it, Pietro Boselli. He is a very good representation of my brand, and things that I look for and stand for. We kind of do the same thing. I like how he uses his platform to help educate others. He started off as a very famous fashion model and then bloomed overnight. Now, he uses his platform to speak about world peace and various topics. He is always posting IGTV videos and content. So, I think he would be a great balanced man as well. Pietro Boselli, you are a balanced man. That was what the second title of my life story would be the balanced man.

I asked Topel if he could go on a road trip with any celebrity, who would it be and where would he go. Topel also said Pietro Boselli.

“I would say, jeez, that’s a good one. Any celebrity, we’ll, I am going to have to bring up Pietro Boselli again. I think he would be very nice to travel with. He’s intellectual, also a mechanical engineer, and you know he is a very good looking dude, he’s very well-traveled, and cultured, and has a lot to offer in terms of conversation and knowledge. I would probably go somewhere in South America, I really love Brazil, probably my favorite place to vacation. Rio De Janeiro maybe, yeah, it’s a great place for photos so,” said Topel.

I asked Topel, what he enjoys most about being a renaissance man?

“What do I enjoy most about being a renaissance man. I would say the excitement of paving your own path right. I like the idea of creating your own story and your own journey for yourself. That was a really big realization for me about a year ago. I kind of feel like I was kind of stuck, following someone else’s path. You know graduate college, work full time for 40 years, retire and that’s your life. So, I kind of got this mindset that I really need to take advantage of every opportunity in front of me. So I’m just going to go out, become my own man, my own person and work for myself and become an entrepreneur.
What do I love about that? It’s exciting, every day is new and fresh. There is never a schedule. A lot of things are very spontaneous and I get a lot of reactions across the board.
Some people are like, what are you doing? I can’t believe it, then I run into people like yourself. Who are just extremely motivating and happy to see what I’m doing. I enjoy doing what I love, craving my own path, and seeing the reactions along the way. Hopefully, I can add impacting other people’s lives to that description. I want to use my platform, spontaneity, and energy to positively impact others. I get a lot of it through personal training, etc., it’s coming into fruition if you will, but it’s a work in progress,” said Topel.

I asked Topel about his underwear preferences.

“I like boxers, I’m an All-American guy, I really like Tommy Hilfiger or if I am feeling a little bit more extravagant, I’ll do Calvin Klein. My favorite color would probably be white or black. I would say white first, and then black,” said Topel.

I asked Topel if his mantra was a hashtag, what would it be and why?

“If my life mantra would be a hashtag, what would it be and why? Interesting, I would say #FitLikeNick. That’s what I like #FitLikeNick because it could take on a lot of different forms. I mean physical fitness is definitely what I try to display for my lifestyle, #FitLikeNick. I travel a lot, I do a lot of cool, spontaneous things, for instance, like this morning I just went for a nice hike, that’s not something I normally do.
You could use me as a model to understand that fitness can take on many different forms. So, being in shape, and having a six-pack doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the epiphany of fitness. There is mental, physical and social fitness as well. Those are all the things that I try to balance in my life, in terms of not being overwhelmed. #FitLikeNick really signifies just being well rounded and healthy in a lot of different aspects of your life,” said Topel.


If Topel could host a Ted Talk on any topic, what would it be and why?

“Oh jeez, if I could host a Ted Talk on any topic, it would be the topic of nutrition and basically leveraging the idea of calorie balance to achieve your physique goals. Whether you’re trying to add mass or reduce your body fat. I’m very passionate about fitness, particularly nutrition actually the whole calorie balance thing is really a mechanical engineering concept because it has to deal with the laws of thermodynamics. The way that energy can not be created or destroyed it can only be stored in other vessels. I think that would be something that I can speak really well on. I’ve got a bunch of tricks and secrets that I can discuss, that I can share with my clients from training. I think that would be great talking about calorie balance,” said Topel.

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Kevin Ronald Davis

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the handsome Kevin Ronald Davis, a brawny fitness enthusiast enjoying his second act.

By: Joshua Conner

Kevin Ronald Davis is an ex-United States Air Force Fire Protection Firefighter, cover model, works at Crunch Fitness, a gym/fitness enthusiast and in recovery loving life, based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am inspired by Davis because of his service, how he used his struggles of overcoming addiction to help people, his dedication to fitness, physique and how he has reinvented himself.

What is Davis’s mission in the world?

“I recently started recovery, I’m seventeen months clean today, so it’s like my life has sort of started over. My mission now is to be my best self and hopefully, I can inspire others. I want to show people that not only is it possible to change and recover, but you can do it at any age. I started my recovery journey at forty-nine and I am fifty now. My life has sort of turned around for the better. I’ve got a lot of great things happening for me even at the age of 50,” said Davis.

What is Davis’s life philosophy?

“I guess my life philosophy would be, having a positive attitude, is probably the biggest step in doing anything that you want to do. I had to change my attitude in the way that I thought about things. My addiction made me think very negative about myself, and about what was possible for me.
Once I started, changing my attitude and seeing progress, I started thinking differently. I started thinking that I can do this or this is possible. My attitude changed, then more good things started happening. Now my attitude is just like, I can do this if I want to do something. Then, when something good happens to me, it’s just like yeah, instead of, wow, I can’t believe that it’s happening. Now, I just expect good things to happen. I would just say, just having the right mental and positive attitude is probably the best philosophy to have,” said Davis.

If Davis could go on a road trip with any celebrity who would it be and where would they travel to?

“I would probably take a road trip with Ellen DeGeneres, and I wouldn’t care where we went, because she would keep me laughing the whole time,” said Davis.

What are Davis’s underwear preferences?

“I like briefs, and I normally wear Calvin Klein,” said Davis.

Davis has two memorable years, the first was when he joined the Air Force and the second was his recovery year.

“I would say, I have two. The first was the year that I joined the Air Force. I would say the second would be this year, not only have I started fresh and new, but after so many years of my addiction, I was just cloudy. Now, it’s like I have my eyes open again.
This past year has been remarkable, it’s the first time, I started living again, in a long time. I’ve learned so much about myself through all my bad experiences. I think sometimes, you can’t learn things, through good experiences. Sometimes, it takes bad experiences to learn the most about yourself. I learned the most about myself during the past few years before I started recovery. I would not take back those experiences for anything. I think hitting rock bottom was the very best thing that ever happened to me,” said Davis.

Davis became fascinated with the compass during rehab.

“When I was getting rehab, I saw that tattoo. I had not gotten a tattoo in many years. I knew that I wanted one, I had seen a picture of a compass, and I liked the idea of it. It sort of represents moving in the right direction. When I started thinking about that, I was like, that’s going to be my next tattoo,” said Davis.

What does Davis enjoy most about working at Crunch Fitness?

“When I was in rehab, I had just started working out again, and it had been years. That was something that I believe helped me through most of my recovery. Getting back to the gym, helped me to feel better about myself. I could see the positive changes, and it helped me to clear my head. I started to feel better about myself physically, mentally and get my self-esteem back. I was in the gym a lot at Crunch Fitness before I started working there.
To me, it was a place where I started feeling good about myself again. I kind of wanted to work in that environment, I got to help people, and I also just felt like it was a good fit for me. I enjoyed being in that environment,” said Davis.

Hugh Jackman is who Davis would pick to play him in a movie, but what would be the title of his life story?

“I would say, my story could be called Never too late,” said Davis.

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Derek Newborn

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the good looking and brawny personal trainer Derek Newborn.

By: Joshua Conner

Derek Newborn is a certified personal trainer and model with Cr2 Talent_Miami, based in Fort Myers, Florida. Newborn was named “South Florida’s Top Personal Trainer by FitNation magazine and Newborn, “helps the common gym-goers take their bodies and their minds to the next level.” I am inspired by Newborn’s great physique, his prolific content creation, style, and handsome bald head.

What was Newborn’s most memorable year?

“My most memorable year was 2001 when my son was born. I had to figure out things really fast, at the age of 16, so it was a lot of memories in one year,” said Newborn.

If Newborn could leave his son one quality it would be the quality of kindness.

“One quality, it would be a quality of kindness because kindness always prevails, and kindness always wins, in the end, no matter what,” said Newborn.

What is the story behind Newborn’s first tattoo?

“My very first tattoo is my initials and my son’s initials that I got when I was 17, during my senior trip to the Bahamas. I got it at a really shady tattoo parlor. I was not sober when I got it, but it’s still there, but it’s cool,” said Newborn.

What are Newborn’s underwear preferences?

“I wear boxer briefs, and my favorite brand is probably Calvin Klein because they are comfortable and they fit good, haha,” said Newborn.

If Newborn could produce a TedTalk on any topic, it would be about mental health.

“I would do a Ted Talk on mental health because I think it’s overlooked and people are embarrassed and uncomfortable to talk about it. I would talk about mental health, how prevalent it is and how common it is, but no one really talks about it,” said Newborn.

If Newborn could have a conversation with anyone died or alive, it would be with Paulo Coelho.

“They can be dead or alive, I would want to talk to Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist. He wrote a thought, that was one of the biggest factors of my life, as far as getting through many of life’s ups and downs. So I would have a conversation with him. That would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell him how much his book changed my life,” said Newborn.

What is Newborn’s life mission?

“My mission in the world is to help others including myself to reach their full potential, whatever that looks like for an individual. So I try to kind of shine some kind of light, so they know how to reach their full potential and believe in themselves,” said Newborn.

What would be the title of Newborn’s life story and who would play him in a movie?

“The title of my life story would probably be called Living. I’ve lived a lot, for the number of years that I have been here. People are surprised at how many life experiences I have had in such a short amount of time. I would like to say The Rock would play me,” said Newborn.

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Justin Schaible

I recently had an opportunity to speak with handsome fitness model with Marky Mark swagger Justin Schaible.

By: Joshua Conner

Justin Schaible is health partners operations specialist III at Fresenius Medical Care North America, from Winnebago, Minnesota, and based in Austin, Texas. Schaible inspires me professionally and personally. Professionally, I am inspired by how Schaible reinvented himself, depending on his location. Personally, I am inspired by his physique and his Mark Wahlberg style.

What would be the title of Schaible’s life story and who would play him in a movie?

“I don’t know my life story, kind of goes all over the place. I’ve moved, I have worked several different jobs and careers. I have a tattoo, that kind of explains how I put all my trust in God, and follow the path that he has created, or outlined for me. That’s really important. The title of my life story, I don’t know just never give up really. That should be the story of everyone’s life. Never give up, I think that’s part of a good life,” said Schaible about his life story.

“My God, like what current actor would play me in a movie? I mean, I have always looked up to Mark Wahlberg, as far as actors so. I guess I would shoot for him. He looks good, he’s a great actor, and he looks like a genuine person,” said Schaible about who would play him.

Schaible also can rock a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs similar to Mark Wahlberg, which are his underwear preference.

2014, was Schaible’s most memorable year because it was the year that his mother beat cancer.

“Memorable year, these are the questions you really have to think about, well done. Maybe 2015 or 2014, I was living in Florida and I moved back to Minnesota, to take a position and another reason, I moved back to Minnesota was my mom was dealing with breast cancer. I wanted to be back closer to her when she was dealing with therapy. She came out on top of it, and beat it so, 2014,” said Schaible.

What does Schaible enjoy most about working for Fresenius medical care?

“I get to hear patients and their perspective on life. Some take it very positively.  For Fresenius, I work with dialysis patients, and they need dialysis in order to live their life. So, many people accept what they have to go through because it’s not going to help prolong their life. Eventually, some can get a kidney transplant and what not. Just, having their perspective on life, I guess gives me the chills sometimes, when I speak with someone.

I guess others don’t take it as well, but from the ones that do take it very positively, and have their faith, and trust that everything is going to work out. Many of them have amazing stories and have dealt with a lot. I mean dialysis, usually involves other issues as well, like high blood pressure, diabetes, all of that stuff can come with it. It usually starts it all. So, they deal with a lot of different things, just hearing their perspective on life, still seems to amaze me, on how they can still stay so positive,” said Schaible.

If Schaible were drafted to any national baseball team, it would be the Minnesota Twins.

“It would be my home team the Minnesota Twins, I’m a diehard fan. I would play, I guess towards the end of my career, I played center field, so I would take the center field position. I love the adrenaline rush,” said Schaible.

If Schaible could model for any brand it would be Nike.

“Well, Nike was always number one, Nike or GQ. I guess I would say, Nike, because I love my Nike gear, it’s my favorite workout gear. Because the only workout brand I ever purchased. I like it because it lasts a long time, it’s durable, it’s comfortable, looks good, and the name brand recognition. Michael Jordan was apart of it, and I love Michael Jordan, I loved watching him play so. Nike was just one of those ones, that I considered would be really awesome to model,” said Schaible.

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