Ben Petersen

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Oregon’s top notch financial advisor & sponsored athlete.

By: Joshua Conner

Ben Petersen is a financial advisor for Kalyx Capital Management & sponsored athlete for: bodycor, isolator fitness, repwear fitness, physiq apparel, cut above clothing, alter ego fitness and fit addict from Bend, Oregon.

What is a day in the life of Petersen like?

“Let’s see, so I wake up in the morning. I’m a financial advisor & I have my own practice. I work out of a home office and I have an office downtown. So I’ll typically wake up, pretty early and do some training, and then get on top of some urgent business tasks. Once that’s done, I’ll get breakfast, I have a 2 year old son, and my wife, she’s pregnant, so I’ll have breakfast and hang out with them a little bit. Then, I’ll go to the gym if I can, I like to get there relatively early, so I’ll have some energy. It’s something that I like to do always. Then, I usually go to my office downtown and deal with less pressing matters and catch up on the back end of things,” said Petersen.

Petersen says that, “Progress”, would be the title of his life story, but who would play him in a movie?

“Well, if there was an actual Benjamin Button disease, then Brad Pitt could go back in time and his younger version could actually portray me, no I’m just kidding. I don’t really know, haven’t really given that much thought, I’m going to have to say Christian Bale,” said Petersen.

What is one quality that Petersen would like to leave his children?

“One quality that I would want for them, I guess is just to be motivated in life and to be realistic. I want them to see everything as clearly as possible and not to be manipulated. I just want them to know to work hard, have faith, and to be motivated,” said Petersen.

What was Petersen’s most memorable year?

“Well up until now, I always kind of feel it’s my most memorable year. 5 years ago, I moved back to my hometown to start my business & I moved with my wife, we weren’t married at the time. Then, we were married in 2015, I had my son in 2016, and I moved from Morgan Stanley and started my business last year and this year we are having another child. So, every year has been pretty memorable, especially 2016, because it was the birth of my son,” said Petersen.

If Petersen’s mantra was a hashtag, it would be #staypositive.  

“I just think it’s crucial and often the correct perspective. I try to be realistic, but I think you’re only helping yourself and others when you maintain a positive attitude,” Petersen says.

What are Petersen’s underwear preferences?

“I would say boxer briefs. My wife got me this pair, I think there called Mack Weldon, and they are really great and really comfortable. Another one I bought is called Stance. I was running out on a vacation at Disneyland, and brought them in the Countdown Disney section at like a surf shop. Those are great too,” said Petersen.

What was Petersen’s experience like working out with TJ Hoban?

“It’s been fantastic, he really dialed me in on the diet. I kinda felt like I knew a good deal before this, and he just proved to me that I have a lot to learn on the diet aspect. He is just a really humble guy, accessible,  and he has had a phenomenal career. It’s kind of interesting, because I talk to him pretty much every day. Looking back, I wasn’t really aware of it, but I came across him or his image a number of times, even before getting in touch with him.

I remember, I had the Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding,  and he was in the abs section of course. I didn’t know who he was, but he was ripped and had this good look, to that was the most desirable physique. I saw the Perfect Physique documentary and I am a big It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan, so that’s kind of where I first recognized him. It’s been a pleasure to able to talk to him, and I hope it continues,” said Petersen.

What is one sentence would he like people to use to describe his financial advising?

“I would say just adding value, and always putting my client’s interests before my own. That’s how I am able to grow, I’ve never lost a client, and getting a lot of referrals that’s how I grow. I don’t really do a lot of marketing. I think it’s just because, I really pry myself on operating with integrity and honesty, keeping up on everything and making sure I am serving them as well as I can and just putting their interests first,” said Petersen.

What does Petersen enjoy most about financial advising?

“I have always been really interested in business and investing, and when I graduated I just wanted to have a career that I: enjoy, would be sustainable, and it was very important to me that I felt like I was doing something positive and adding value to people’s lives. I just wasn’t selling a product or service, that I didn’t believe in. It has been great helping people achieve their goals : whether it’s retirement, charitable giving, putting their kid through college, or taking care of their elderly parents, it’s just nice to see that. I have help people to accomplish their goals, money is an important thing in life, and we can’t get around it so,” said Petersen.

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Trevor Michael Opalewski

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Trevor Michael Opalewski, Michigan’s astute personal trainer & handsome model.

By: Joshua Conner

One of my main motivations for featuring Trevor Michael Opalewski, is because: we both were successfully raised in single mother households, both are Aries and we are both fans of fitness legend Greg Plitt. His passion, work ethics, motivational social media presence, and dedication to health and wellness inspires me personally & professionally. Opalewski is a: personal trainer/sports performance/injury prevention at Built by Trev, certified personal trainer/strength coach at Jax Fitness, ambassador at and model for DAS Model Management Miami. With every post Opalewski produces, he inspires the masses with his mantras & incredible physique.

What is a day in the life of Opalewski like?

“A day in the life, first & foremost, you know being a personal trainer, I am always looking to help my clients and my people. I usually start personal training from about 5 am in the morning to about 10 am. I usually have some down time after that, probably about from 10 am to 2 pm. I either get done with some chores, do some research, run errands, and slowly implemented another step into my online training business, that I am working on,” said Opalewski.

“Then, I’ll get a workout in myself, if I am feeling pretty adequate. After 2 pm, usually I go to personal training at about 3 to about 7 or 8. Then after that time, if I haven’t worked out, then I would get it done. Otherwise, I’ll probably prep dinner. Then I’ll have something to eat, do some reading, some research and maybe watch football if it’s on. Other than that, I really don’t try to watch television, or movies too much, because it just sucks the life out of you. Then, I’ll go on social media for a little bit, and usually end up falling asleep anywhere from 11 pm or 1 am,” said Opalewski.

What would be the title of Opalewski life story and who would play him in a movie?

“The title of my life story would be: the fight from within. Who would play me, oh, I mean of course I would love to have Morgan Freeman do the voiceover, haha. He’s pretty notorious for that, but who would play me, jeez, that’s a tough one. I am going to have to go with one of my favorites and that Jean-Claude Van Damme,” said Opalewski.

What is Opalewski underwear preference?

“You know, growing up, I was always a boxer kid, just because of the freedom haha. Now, getting into working out and everything, boxers probably wasn’t the best route to go. But, once I noticed boxer briefs, was kind of like a weird thing growing up, hey things kind of stay close-knit in here, you know while you’re working out. So these are a bit nicer, when you just lounge around with nothing to do,” said Opalewski.

“If it wasn’t for the modeling industry, I would have to say boxers,  but I don’t have a favorite brand. Since, opening up into the modeling industry, I would have to go with the briefs. Just outside of that bro, honestly on a regular basis, I like some sort of spandex, but day-to-day, I have to say neither,” said Opalewski.

Opalewski has also modeling Richard Dayhoff underwear.

“Oh, Richard Dayhoff, his product was honestly really nice. If I were to wear briefs or something, that would be it. Like I said, the whole modeling thing, kind of opened me, back up to that realm thankfully. It was nice, comfortable material, it was very form-fitting, which is kinda hard for me, since I have a small waist and bigger lower half, but they fit very well. I definitely recommend them,” said Opalewski.

Opalewski has a great body of work, would he ever consider posing for Bodies of Work similar to Greg Plitt?

“ Bodies of work or bodies of art, kind of like the whole ESPN series. Honestly, that’s like one of my goals that I have for myself. I would definitely like to do one of those editorials or shoots with myself, I think it would be really cool. Obviously, out of all the athletes, the one that inspired me the most was Greg Plitt. Just seeing the guy, it’s just phenomenal, what he is able to obtain and do with himself,” said Opalewski.

If Opalewski mantra were a hashtag what would it be?

“I am going to have go with my life’s work #builtbytrev. I think it’s all about the dream, I have made ever since my buddy,  brought me into the fitness world when I was about 15 or 16. Learning from him, he was an avid Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, as I was too, but he was like a fanatic. I mean the guy, literally built a basement when he was 16 years old, his dad was a carpenter, so he was a great craftsman. He built a basement shrine, with: every single movie poster, magazine he was on the cover of, vhs tape, and a couple of action figures, he literally had it all,” said Opalewski.

“So coming from him, and all the bodybuilding magazines, I was involved and kind of engulfing myself in the industry. You know I always wanted to be involved in fitness in some way. You know I always, just tried to find the best ways possible of obtaining the physique I wanted. You know the athletic & performance driven physique that I wanted,” said Opalewski.

“You know it’s the constant giving back to the chalkboard, taking notes on everything, I was doing, trying & relearning. Even when I thought I had it right, my body would tell me, hey you don’t have it all figured out bud, you gotta go back to the drawing board. I think especially over the last 5 or 6 years, I have really I don’t want to say mastered my craft, it’s been always kind of learning and progressing, but I think I definitely got a better handle on it now, then back then,” said Opalewski.

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