Jonathan Wright

I recently had an opportunity to speak with the handsome and inspirational cowboy Jonathan Wright.

By: Joshua Conner

Screenshot of my Skype Conversation with Jonathan Wright on Sunday, September 22, 2019.
Screenshot of my Skype Conversation with Jonathan Wright on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Jonathan Wright is an athlete, spartan, cowboy, and fitness model. Wright inspires me personally because of his great physique, style, and is an Oreos aficionado. Wright inspires me professionally because of his work ethic and how he uses his platform to inspire others.

I asked Wright, what his mission in the world is.

“I would say that my mission in the world is to inspire and help out as many people as I can, before I go. The inspiration part is important because that can go a long way right, that doesn’t have to just be one person. We could also do a lot to help people directly, while we are here, and I think a lot of that stems from me personally. I come from a very poor area, and there are not a lot of opportunities. That doesn’t mean there is not a lot of good people there, that have a lot of good ideas, and there are a lot of hard workers, things like that. They just kind of need to get that one opportunity or somebody to get behind them to give them that push,” said Wright.

I asked Wright what his life philosophy was. Wright explained that it was hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

“I would say my life philosophy would be to always keep a positive attitude and appreciate the good things in life. I think we all want to live a good and happy life and we should focus on that. That is kind of my philosophy, if something is going bad, you just have to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The mantra that I live by, that kind of goes with that is, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. I’m always going to hope for the best, but I’m kind of not bullshitting myself into thinking that something bad can’t happen either or you might have a hurdle or something to block you,” said Wright.

I asked Wright what would be the title of his life story and who would play him in a movie.

“This is a tough one, my life story, well I feel like it’s a lot of parts of it, I don’t necessarily know at this point. I would say the title of it would be something like Iron Will or Inspirational Work Ethic. A lot of things that I do, I’m not trying to do for myself. What I do, and what inspires me, and gives me the energy to get up so early in the morning is other people, that’s kind of the phase, I feel like I’m in my life right now. I’m 36, now, so I’m not super old, but I’m not super young either. I’m kind of like that middle-age road right now,” said Wright.

“Who would play me? That’s tough. Someone passionate. I think someone like Ed Norton. I like him, he’s got a good style and he has that passion element in the projects he plays in, like American History X,” said Wright.

I asked Wright about his underwear preferences.

“I wear boxer briefs personally. The regular ones, probably what every man grew up with tighty whiteys, and things like that. Then I started doing something every day, where I’m running or jumping, things like that. The regular briefs are way too tight. Boxers are a little baggy, so I guess, I’ve always for tons of years worn boxer briefs. I would say that most of my stuff is 2xist, although I do have some Calvin Klein. I don’t get fancy with it, just blue, gray and black, just normal and traditional stuff,” said Wright.

I asked Wright what oreo flavor best matches his personality.

“Haha, I like this question. Which flavor of Oreos do I like the most? Probably for me, if we are going with a specific flavor and not the traditional, I would say Smores. I like the combo of the graham crackers, the sweet, crunchy, marshmallows, and chocolate. I am kind of like that fun-loving combination of different kinds of things. That is one of the best flavors so,” said Wright.

I asked Wright what he enjoys most about being a cowboy.

“I am a big animal lover, I’m from Florida, so there is a lot of wildlife around there. I grew up in a farming community, so that’s kind of how I got into it. There were lots of ranchers and dairy and things like that. I also love horses and horseback riding. Now, where I live in California, is also a farming community, we have one of the biggest rodeos in the country. The rodeos are more about the animals when you go to a rodeo, you will see that they are showcasing the horses and all that. If it’s like bull riding or something like that, they are showing their strength. A bull is a 2,000-pound animal, that’s all muscle vs a 200-pound human being. I’ll say, it’s taking care of the animals, taking care of the land, and feeding people. Agricultural endeavors are needed in the world,” said Wright.

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