Mohamed Elzomor

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Mohamed Elzomor, renowned personal trainer & hunky M By Michael Strahan brand ambassador.

By: Joshua Conner

Mohamed Elzomor is a celebrity trainer and manifestation coach and the EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Specialist for My 30 Minutes EMS Training, based in New York, New York. Elzomor has been featured in: People, The ListNYPost, CBS & Viceland to name a few. Elzomor inspires me professionally and personally. Professionally, I am inspired by his: work ethic, prominent clientele & how he inspires the masses to live the fit life. Personally, I am inspired by his:  passion for family, great physique, humbleness & how he is the brand ambassador for one of my favorite clothing brands, that I myself wear faithfully M By Michael Strahan.

What is a day in the life of Elzomor like?

“I wake up, like real early at 4:30 in the morning. I take like a 30-45 minute long shower. That’s like my alone time. That’s where I get very specific with my goals for the day. That’s where I go do my gratitude list, that’s I feel happy for the things I already have. I am talking about basic things like the fact, that I have: my eyesight, both my arms and I can walk. We take all those things for granted, but you take one of those things away & that changes everything. So, I try to remember that as often as possible. Then, the 45 minutes that I have for myself, is the best time to do it. When you are not distracted, being emailed, texted, and people are talking to you or you’re focused on your job. That is probably the best part of my day,” said Elzomor.

Elzomor, then is out of the house and off to train his diverse clientele of billionaires, celebrities and princesses.

“I train billionaires, celebrities, and like princesses on a regular basis, which has been my dream for a very long time. I am very grateful, that they are there. I have extremely interesting people that I train, and that I hang out with on a regular basis. So my day is always full of surprises. You never know who you are going to meet, what kind of stories you’re going to hear or what kind of opportunities are going to come up. So that’s what my day looks like,” said Elzomor.

Elzomor is all over Manhattan from 6 am to about 7 pm, strategically trying to get in lunch breaks.

“I’m literally all over Manhattan, from like 6 am to 7 pm. Then, I come home. I’m lucky, if I get a break to eat, I eat while I’m walking, or in a subway or uber. Then, I come home and spend time with my wife Julia and my daughter Leia. That’s like the best part of my day, by far, spending time with my family,” said Elzomor.

“I also don’t feel like, I work necessarily. I love it, I get to hang out, with really cool people, who happen to be extremely powerful at the same time. It’s kind of surreal when you think about it. A lot of people would pay to be able to hang out with people for an hour with a billionaire and ask them as many questions as they want. I get that and I get paid for it. I always try to look at my situation from a positive perspective. It’s become very nonchalant because I kind of walk to work and I train like 4 Victoria Secret supermodels in a row, it’s true.
They are just normal human beings, who are extremely inspirational because they all started somewhere. They had goals, and went ahead and accomplished them. I try to take from that as often as I can. Cause usually if I can do it, anyone can do it,” said Elzomor.

What would be the title of Elzomor life story and who would play him in a movie?

“I would say something along the lines of dream, believe, achieve.  That would be the name of my story, that would be the name of my movie. I would want someone to go, sit down, and watch the movie and understand that the whole moral of the story is that you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in life. If I had to pick someone to play me, I would say Zac Efron. I really like him, I want to train him, and we have mutual friends that say we kind of resemble each other. I think that is an awesome compliment, I’m not really sure if I see the correlation there, but I would love for Zac Efron to play me in a movie, that would be awesome,” said Elzomor.

What was Elzomor most memorable year?

“You know what, whenever a new year starts, I always say this is going to be my best year yet. Thankfully, it’s been that way. By far, it would have been when my daughter Leia was born. That moment hearing your daughter cry for the first time, that’s surreal. That’s a paradigm shift. You don’t understand what that feels like until you feel it.
From there on, it’s kind of a new fire under my ass. I just want to go ahead and accomplish goals, ten times bigger than the ones I set prior. So, the year when my daughter was born, I just went BEAST mode. I started to get featured in Vogue and People magazine and GMA, it all actually happened all around the time my daughter was born.
Religions say, that there’s a blessing that comes from your first child. Logically speaking, there’s a motivation that come from your first child, so there’s an overlap there for sure. It’s been an incredible ride so far. This year has been an incredible year as well, but I think last year was like an important part of my life. Where I can look back 10-15 years from now, and know that 2017 was the beginning of something great,” said Elzomor.

What is Elzomor underwear preference?

“Okay, so boxer briefs/boxers. I can’t remember the last time I wore briefs, probably like Elementary School. My favorite brand, by far is MSX also known as M By Michael Strahan. I am the brand ambassador for his company, so I wear his underwear, his sweatpants and I have closets full of stuff that I wear from M By Michael Strahan. People literally stop and go like wow, what is that, and what are you wearing.
Then I tell them, they have no idea, that Michael Strahan even has a clothing brand. It’s been around for like a year or two.
I love his boxers and I’m not just saying it because I’m the brand ambassador,  his boxer briefs are incredible.  You got celebrities hitting him up and asking him for underwear, it’s that amazing.
During the summer, I had a couple of his boxer briefs on & literally during the day, it felt like air conditioning was on my butt. I was like wow. I thought was leaning on a vent or something like that, but no, that’s just some crazy technology with these boxer briefs. They literally cool your down, when it’s 90 degrees outside. So yes, I highly recommend it. If anyone reading this article and they might want some boxer briefs, go to M By Michael Strahan please, they are good,” said Elzomor.

What is Elzomor favorite M By Michael Strahan product?

“I love his sweatpants. I also have his sleeveless hoodie, I have like 8 different versions of it. I love his sweatpants, he’s got incredible designs, they fit really well, they have this cool zipper, so stuff isn’t falling out of my pocket. By far, all of his products are great, but these are my favorite,” said Elzomor.

If Elzomor could travel anywhere with anyone died or alive, who would they be and where would they travel to?

“Am I allowed to say space or other planets. Then, absolutely, I’ll leave this planet first. I am all about finding out secrets that the world has to offer. I think there is way more to life than what we are being told and taught to say in school. The planets, other dimensions, para universes. I think it is more complicated and complex than we are taught to believe.
I think it’s not that simple that you are born, work 9 to 5 your whole life, you barely scrap and then you die, there’s more to it. If I could meet someone who could answer those questions, it would be great.
If I could find a magical or prophetic figure or an astronaut. I would want to travel with an astronaut who has already been to space who knows what is going on. That’s what I would love, I would want to go with an astronaut, and go to some planet, that we already have access to, but no one knows yet and just get the whole scoop on where we have been and where are we going next,” said Elzomor.

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You can follow Mohamed Elzomor on Instagram @fitlifebymo and check out his website

Lawrence Dunning

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Lawrence Dunning, MBA, one of Chicago’s premier real estate brokers, skillful jiu-jitsu black belt & handsome renaissance man.

By: Joshua Conner

Lawrence Dunning is: owner at Dunning Real Estate and Real Estate/Broker at Main Street Real Estate Group, from London, United Kingdom & based in Chicago, Illinois. Dunning, inspires me personally & professionally. Professionally, Dunning was named: top producer from Main Street Real Estate Group in 2017 and 2018, top producer for Chicago Association of Realtors in 2017, & Who’s Who Chicago Agent magazine in 2017. Personally, I admire Dunning’s dedication to jiu-jitsu, physique, charming accent & how he manages a successful business with his best friend.

What is a day in the life of Dunning like?

“I think everyday is a good day, if I get some kind of physical exercise or workout in and I’m productive. Whether that can mean a full day of work when I’m productive or by the same token, if I’m on vacation or some real relaxation then, being present with whatever I’m doing. So, that can change, based on where I am at. Then, just some downtime.

If you work really hard, and you get some exercise in, your exhausted, and at the end of the day, you can put your feet up for an hour. I think it feels like a great big reward, because you earned it. So a typical day: I try to get some exercise, I think that’s really important, I try to be productive with whatever I’m doing, and I try to have my downtime at the end of the day, but only when I feel like I deserve it,” said Dunning.

If Dunning’s mantra was a hashtag, what would it be?

“I think it would be #dreambig. The simple reason is, because when I was young, I was very shy & introverted. Then, I achieved things, that I am, very proud of for myself, but it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t the most natural thing. I kept dreaming bigger & dreaming bigger, and every time, I got a little something accomplished, I think about the next big step and next big step. Eventually, over years and years, that can really grow into big things, but you have to have a dream to even start. If you don’t have the dream, then nothing else matters. So, I think everything starts with a dream, so I think dream big, would probably be the answer,” said Dunning.

How does Dunning like his coffee?

“Honestly, I just like straight up coffee, with a little bit of cream and MCT oil,” said Dunning.

What is Dunning’s underwear preference?

“Let’s see, you know my wife, just brought me some Reebok trunks,” said Dunning.

What was Dunning’s most memorable year?

“I think, I would have to say last year, because I got married. I think that’s the biggest step, that you can take. So, I think last year, I moved, I adopted a puppy, and got married. That, pretty much says, it all about my memorable year,” said Dunning.

The greatest lesson jiu-jitsu has taught Dunning is that the learning never stops.

“That’s a great question; I think the greatest lesson, I have learned doing jiu-jitsu, for nearly 20 years, and I think that it can be applied to almost anything in life is that, learning never stops. So, I think I’m pretty good at jiu-jitsu & I learn something every week. I think, it can be very frustrating, because sometimes, mostly you just want to figure something out, and be done with it. On the plus side, on things in life, like relationships with: a child, or father, or wife, or husband, it’s a constant working process.

You can never, just say that I am done with this relationship, you always have to put effort in, learn & grow. I think the same goes with business. If your business isn’t growing, it’s not going to stay the same, it’s probably going to get worse, lose money & decay. I think it’s the same thing with jiu-jitsu, you always gotta keep learning, and you can never rest on your morals. That can be applied to business, relationships, and all of the important things in life. Your never done, it’s always a work in progress,” said Dunning.

What is one sentence would Dunning like to use to describe his real estate?

“Good question, there’s a lot of brokers in Chicago, and there’s a lot of brokers that don’t know really what their doing. So I would say one sentence would be exceeds because we know what we’re doing and customer service. I am all about long term relationships with clients, and just in business in general. I think that’s the key to a successful business and almost anything is building good long term relationships with people. So I would use excellence and customer service,” said Dunning.

What does Dunning enjoy most about working at Dunning Real Estate?

“I think I am very fortunate that I can work with a good friend of mine. So, I think the key thing is, it can always be challenging, but if we are working with people that, we enjoy being around it makes work a lot more pleasurable. So, I think that the best thing about working there, is that my partner is also a good friend of mine. On the flip side, when you mix friendship with business, it can be challenging, but I think it’s definitely worth the challenges, to be forced to spend more time with good friends in business, so it’s a tradeoff. I really enjoy working with a good friend of mine,” said Dunning.

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Ben Petersen

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Oregon’s top notch financial advisor & sponsored athlete.

By: Joshua Conner

Ben Petersen is a financial advisor for Kalyx Capital Management & sponsored athlete for: bodycor, isolator fitness, repwear fitness, physiq apparel, cut above clothing, alter ego fitness and fit addict from Bend, Oregon.

What is a day in the life of Petersen like?

“Let’s see, so I wake up in the morning. I’m a financial advisor & I have my own practice. I work out of a home office and I have an office downtown. So I’ll typically wake up, pretty early and do some training, and then get on top of some urgent business tasks. Once that’s done, I’ll get breakfast, I have a 2 year old son, and my wife, she’s pregnant, so I’ll have breakfast and hang out with them a little bit. Then, I’ll go to the gym if I can, I like to get there relatively early, so I’ll have some energy. It’s something that I like to do always. Then, I usually go to my office downtown and deal with less pressing matters and catch up on the back end of things,” said Petersen.

Petersen says that, “Progress”, would be the title of his life story, but who would play him in a movie?

“Well, if there was an actual Benjamin Button disease, then Brad Pitt could go back in time and his younger version could actually portray me, no I’m just kidding. I don’t really know, haven’t really given that much thought, I’m going to have to say Christian Bale,” said Petersen.

What is one quality that Petersen would like to leave his children?

“One quality that I would want for them, I guess is just to be motivated in life and to be realistic. I want them to see everything as clearly as possible and not to be manipulated. I just want them to know to work hard, have faith, and to be motivated,” said Petersen.

What was Petersen’s most memorable year?

“Well up until now, I always kind of feel it’s my most memorable year. 5 years ago, I moved back to my hometown to start my business & I moved with my wife, we weren’t married at the time. Then, we were married in 2015, I had my son in 2016, and I moved from Morgan Stanley and started my business last year and this year we are having another child. So, every year has been pretty memorable, especially 2016, because it was the birth of my son,” said Petersen.

If Petersen’s mantra was a hashtag, it would be #staypositive.  

“I just think it’s crucial and often the correct perspective. I try to be realistic, but I think you’re only helping yourself and others when you maintain a positive attitude,” Petersen says.

What are Petersen’s underwear preferences?

“I would say boxer briefs. My wife got me this pair, I think there called Mack Weldon, and they are really great and really comfortable. Another one I bought is called Stance. I was running out on a vacation at Disneyland, and brought them in the Countdown Disney section at like a surf shop. Those are great too,” said Petersen.

What was Petersen’s experience like working out with TJ Hoban?

“It’s been fantastic, he really dialed me in on the diet. I kinda felt like I knew a good deal before this, and he just proved to me that I have a lot to learn on the diet aspect. He is just a really humble guy, accessible,  and he has had a phenomenal career. It’s kind of interesting, because I talk to him pretty much every day. Looking back, I wasn’t really aware of it, but I came across him or his image a number of times, even before getting in touch with him.

I remember, I had the Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding,  and he was in the abs section of course. I didn’t know who he was, but he was ripped and had this good look, to that was the most desirable physique. I saw the Perfect Physique documentary and I am a big It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan, so that’s kind of where I first recognized him. It’s been a pleasure to able to talk to him, and I hope it continues,” said Petersen.

What is one sentence would he like people to use to describe his financial advising?

“I would say just adding value, and always putting my client’s interests before my own. That’s how I am able to grow, I’ve never lost a client, and getting a lot of referrals that’s how I grow. I don’t really do a lot of marketing. I think it’s just because, I really pry myself on operating with integrity and honesty, keeping up on everything and making sure I am serving them as well as I can and just putting their interests first,” said Petersen.

What does Petersen enjoy most about financial advising?

“I have always been really interested in business and investing, and when I graduated I just wanted to have a career that I: enjoy, would be sustainable, and it was very important to me that I felt like I was doing something positive and adding value to people’s lives. I just wasn’t selling a product or service, that I didn’t believe in. It has been great helping people achieve their goals : whether it’s retirement, charitable giving, putting their kid through college, or taking care of their elderly parents, it’s just nice to see that. I have help people to accomplish their goals, money is an important thing in life, and we can’t get around it so,” said Petersen.

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Gregg Avedon

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Men’s Health Legend Gregg Avedon.

By: Joshua Conner

Gregg Avedon is a NASM personal trainer, nutrition specialist, model, author and photographer based in Evergreen, Colorado. Avedon inspires me both personally & professionally. Personally, I am inspired by Avedon’s connection to nature, style, physique & his great flex Friday social media posts. Professionally, I am inspired by how Avedon continues to reinvent himself and how he graced Men’s Health numerous times.

What is a day in the life of Avedon like?

“I wake up everyday around 5:30 in the morning and the first thing I do is make coffee and take care of my new puppy. Then, I head out the door for my first clients of the day for personal training. So now, I’m living up in the mountains, so it takes me a little bit of time to get down from the mountains, and it also depends on what the weather is. If it’s snowing, then of course I’m navigating the snow, on the way down the mountains.

First thing I do is, I head to the gym, I have my first round of clients and then once I have a break, I train myself. I do cardio, and then I train my second round of clients. Then, I head back home, and I take care of whatever, I need to do when it comes to like: writing programs, nutrition plans, working on new books, or my website, basically taking care of business in my office at home, then it’s dinnertime. I try to at least take one walk everyday. I try to do like a 3 mile walk, if I can especially, being out here in the mountains. Whether it’s a hike or just walking around my neighborhood. Aside from that, then I try to get to bed before 11 pm,” said Avedon.

Avedon then explained how his days are different if he has a modeling job, because he spends most of his time on road and preparing for the job.

“Everything is sort of geared towards the job that I am working on, even my prep. People tend to think I’m a fitness model, when I’m really more of a fashion model. I’ve been a fashion model, my entire career. With the good fortune of working with Men’s Health, and working with other publications, where you see my body, but mostly, most of my stuff is fashion. So the jobs, that I do are more where I am clothed, so it’s not like I’m having to dial in and prep nutritionally, to do my jobs.

Although, you know, I always want to feel my best, and look my best.

So I’m always gearing up, when I have a job to keep it clean, I think if you do that, you look clean overall. In your: eyes, face, skin tone and your energy levels. When I go on a job, off course you’re dealing with travel, it’s usually a 6 am call time and a catered breakfast, but I keep everything pretty simple when I am on a job. I rarely if ever will go out to dinner, so when I work a long day, they’ll cater lunch, so I usually have a salad for lunch with whatever source of protein they may have. Dinner, I always go to the grocery store, get a basic salad,  some fruit, maybe yogurt and then I have dinner in my room,” said Avedon.

What would be Avedon’s spirit animal?

“My wife has told me that my spirit animal is the wolf, and the funny thing is one of the first dogs we had; she was a white Shepard, and she had very wolf like qualities. She has very long since passed, we lost her about 10 years ago, but I do feel like she is always kind of looking out for me. If you want to say a spirit animal, I feel her presence in a lot of ways. I would say you know a wolf in that regard. Just that she’s looking over me, guarding me and keeping me safe.

Last year, maybe about 8 months ago or so, I posted pictures of me with a wolf. In Colorado Springs, there is a wolf sanctuary, so I went out there. I actually had the good fortune of hiking with the wolves. It was just an incredible experience,  in the mountains. It is incredible, super intimidating at first, they are just way bigger than you could even realize and powerful. It was an awesome experience, that was something that, I probably wouldn’t mind doing again. I made friends with the owners of the wolves and everything, and continue to stay in contact with them, it was pretty cool,” said Avedon.

One of Avedon’s mantra is, “In my life, I have learned, that there is more wisdom in nature, than all the greatest minds combined. A simple complexity of a leaf, is as miraculous as a Continental Divide.”

“Just the power in that, in the grand scheme of things. That God, is in everything, he’s the creator, it’s absolutely amazing,” said Avedon. Avedon’s favorite quote however, is by Henry David Thoreau. Avedon really likes how Thoreau is connected to nature.

“He felt like a day was not truly complete, without walking in nature,  which is often how I feel. So there is sort of kinship that I always feel with Thoreau. The quote is, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined,” Henry David Thoreau,” said Avedon.

What is Avedon’s underwear preference?

“I’m so simple, basic briefs & Hanes is the brand I get 9 out of 10 times. They fit, they support everything, that’s why I don’t like boxers too much, they don’t support me as well. Basic white briefs, is honestly my go to,” said Avedon.

How does Avedon feel to be considered a Men’s Health Legend?

“I’m super grateful & of course humbled everyday, because we are all in this journey together. I’ve had the good fortune to be in the right place, at the right time, and being prepared for when the opportunity happened for me. It’s just been an incredible journey. I just have a massive sense of gratitude, because it gives me a voice. It gives me a voice to reach lots of people, and sort of my whole standard is to get results and being consistent. It’s not rocket science,  you know, everybody has the ability to make massive achievements. If somebody asks me, Gregg, how can I get on the cover of Men’s Health,  I encourage them and I am always willing to help them.

For me, it’s just a humbling experience. I’m just grateful that I had the opportunity to do as many covers, and have the relationship with Men’s Health that I have,” said Avedon.

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Greg Woerdeman

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Greg Woerdeman also known as TDOT Hottie, whose good looks are only outmatched by his work ethic.

By: Joshua Conner

Greg Woerdeman is a TDOT District Operations Supervisor & viral internet sensation based in Nashville, Tennessee.

What is a day in the life of Greg like?

“I guess a regular working day, it’s getting up by 5:00, I’m out of bed every morning. Walk the dog, grab all my food, that’s already prepped & throwing it my lunchbox. I’m usually at work by 6:00, and I work till at least 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Then, I come home, grab a quick bite, and get some gym time. When I get home, Torrey’s home, and we get some Greg & Torrey time in there a little bit. I might actually work a little bit more, if I have a lot to do, if not I’ll just kind of cuddle up on the couch with the dog & her, and try to relax a little bit. Then we eat some ice cream,” said Woerdeman.

“He eats ice cream all the time,” said Torrey Peak, Woerdeman’s girlfriend & photographer.

What ice cream flavor is most like Woerdeman?

“He’s pretty vanilla, haha,” said Peak.

“Probably vanilla, but here is what I do with it, so on a side note, I get vanilla ice cream & I put a bunch of stuff in it. I put Nutella, peanut butter, sprinkles, little brownie pieces and Oreos altogether, and I indulge in it. It starts out as vanilla though,” said Woerdeman.

What would be the title of Woerdeman’s life story and who would play him in a movie?

“That’s a good one, I know Torrey would want Jason Statham to play me, I would want the Rock to play me. As far as like the title of my life story, oh that’s a tough question, “Who would have thought?”, would be a good one & the subtitle would be, “Just a regular guy.” said Woerdeman.

What is Woerdeman’s underwear preferences?

“Oh boxer briefs, definitely, and favorite brand is, Torrey is yelling at me, that I rather go commando, which is true around the house, but not in public. For me, it’s boxer briefs, and as far as brand, it doesn’t really matter, but whatever feels the softest,” said Woerdeman.

If Woerdeman was drafted to any National League Football team, it would be the Titans because it’s local and he would play linebacker.

What was Woerdeman’s most memorable year?

“My most memorable year, that’s tough. I would probably say, this past year, because my career has done really well for the most part. I’ve switched from construction to maintenance at work, and that’s done really well, and all of a sudden, I go viral. There has been a lot happening,” said Woerdeman.

How does Woerdeman feel being known as the TDOT Hottie?  

“It’s actually kind of nice, I guess I am kind of flattered, that I have my own hashtag in the first place. It’s just kind of nice, that I can represent our department as a whole in a positive way, and just be able to cut up about it. A lot of people don’t think of state workers as being in shape, or at least bit attractive, I guess it kind of maybe make a trend. That just because you work for the government, doesn’t mean you’re a fat old guy, you’re an in shape dude,” said Woerdeman.

You can follow Greg Woerdeman on Instagram @the_real_tdot_hottie

This post would not have been possible without the coordination of Torrey Peak of Torrey Peak Photography.

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Erik DeLaRosa

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Erik Delarosa, Texas’s own hunky & hard-working businessman & familyman.

By: Joshua Conner

Erik DeLaRosa, is a: nutrition/fitness expert, entrepreneur/MBA, finance/sales/marketing, online health coach, founder of Patsy G Mustard, and a sponsored athlete with team Gaspari, based in Dallas, Texas. I am inspired by DeLaRosa, personally & professionally. Personally, I am inspired by his incredible physique, style & charming southern accent. Professionally, I am inspired by his work ethic & entrepreneurial spirit.

What is a day in the life of DeLaRosa like?

“I wake up really early, like 4 or 5 am, and I go to the gym for about an hour and a half. Then, I get ready for work and go to work. Then, I have different things going on, that I have to do. I also own a mustard company, so like on my breaks or right after work, I have to make calls, setup demos, and set up my employees so they can work. Then, I have clients,  that text me all day, it’s just nonstop until I go to bed, usually Monday to Friday. Scheduling, working & doing a full-time job too, so just  business, all business all day, I work a lot,” said DeLaRosa.

What is one sentence would DeLaRosa use to describe Patsy G Mustard?

“There’s nothing like it. So it’s a condiment, that has multiple uses, and it’s one of a kind & you can use it on anything,” said DeLaRosa.

DeLaRosa’s most memorable year was the year his daughter was born. If he could leave her one quality it would be to be driven.

“What is one quality that I would like to leave my daughter, just to be driven, and work hard for what you want in life. Don’t expect anything to be handed to you and don’t rely on anyone. Just do things yourself, work hard, do a good job and just follow your dreams,” said DeLaRosa.

What does DeLaRosa prefer boxers or briefs and what is his favorite brand?

“I would have to say, that I wear them all, but I, wear briefs mostly and my favorite brand is Armani,” said DeLaRosa.

What would be the title of Delarosa’s life story and who would play him in a movie?

“Breaking the cycle and I’m going to play myself,” said DeLaRosa.

What is DeLaRosa favorite quote for inspiration?

“My favorite quote is, work hard, have faith and be tireless. One of my mentors told me that, just when Patsy G was just an idea, being made in my kitchen. I was trying to get it off the ground, and I will never forget it, said DeLaRosa, “but I am tired,” DeLaRosa added humorously.

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Bec Chandler

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Bec Chandler, Virginia’s blessed, handsome & enterprising gentleman. 

By: Joshua Conner

Bec Chandler is an: actor, model, photographer, & health consultant-advocare supplement distributor based in Richmond, Virginia. Chandler inspires me personally & professionally. Personally, I am inspired by Chandler’s faith, style, physique & passion. Professionally, I am inspired by his work ethic & creativity.

What is a day in the life of Chandler like?

“Oh, it varies, almost every single day, on a normal day: I get up in the morning, have breakfast, get on the internet and do some social networking. After that, I’ll probably hit the gym, get my workout in, then I’m constantly working on booking my next gigs. If I actually have jobs that I have landed, it depends on where I am at. Many times, I’m up at 2 or 3 in the morning, and I’m on the road at 4, so I can make a call time at 6 am, then I work all day and come home. Like right now, I just left Atlanta today, so I’ve been on the road for about 8 hours. That’s just industry life, you’ve got to go where the work is. Especially, if you don’t live in a major city, where there’s enough work to keep you busy. So, since I’m based out of Richmond, Virginia, I travel the east coast a good bit, so I’m on the road a lot,” said Chandler.

What would be the title of Chandler’s life story & who would play him in a movie?

“Well, that’s a good question, never give up would be the title and, oh man, you know what, I think I would like Matthew McConaughey to play me,” said Chandler.

What was Chandler’s most memorable year?

“My most memorable year, you know what, I have to say this year is my most memorable year, to date. 2019, was a good year, I got engaged, I got to do a family trip with all my nieces & nephews, and I started the year, very well for my career, so far this year has been the best yet,” said Chandler.

If Chandler’s mantra was a hashtag it would be, be childlike minded.

“I think that people constantly get caught up in the rat race of life, that we forget to see the world through what God, put as a child’s eye. We complicate things, instead of simplifying things. I think we forget to look at trees, and see the beauty of the sky, you know look at it through a child’s eyes. It’s simple for a child, they are: happy, pure and kind and I think we forget that too often,” said Chandler.

Although Chandler reads the bible for inspiration, he also loves an Abraham Lincoln quote.

“You know to be honest with you, anything in bible, there is not a certain one that stands out more than the others. They are all important and we should abide by all of them. Anything in the bible is good, but I do love the quote, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle,” by Abraham Lincoln,” said Chandler.

Chandler also is a photographer, what is one sentence would he like people to use to describe his photography?

“One sentence, I would like people to use to explain my photography, I’m going to hope people say it’s unique with a cinematic feel,” said Chandler.

How does Chandler want to be remembered?

“I want to be remembered as hardworking, kind, and as a genuine, but legitimate guy. I want people to look back and be like he was a legitimate, good guy, he was kind, caring and he went out of his way to help people,” said Chandler.

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