Michael Carey

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Michael Carey, New York’ s introspective sensei & hunky actor.

By: Joshua Conner

Michael Carey is a New York based SAG-AFTRA actor, stuntman & martial artist. Whether it’s a thoughtful quote on his social media, his martial arts discipline or acting endeavors, Carey inspires me to always follow your dreams.

What is a day in the life of Carey like?

“I wake up in the morning & I meditate for about an hour, usually while listening to affirmations. Then I go to the gym: weights & cardio, then back home. I prep my meals for the day, I eat and then I’ll handle whatever errands, I’ll have for the day, if I’m not on set. Then, I go to martial arts class or stunt training. After that, I come back home, and I hit the gym again. Then, I am winding down for the night, I’m either reading a book or listening to an audiobook. Then, I meditate about 30 minutes before I go to bed,” said Carey.

What is Carey’s favorite quote?

“What you think about, you bring about,” by Bob Proctor,” he says.

What is the greatest lessons martial arts and karate have taught Carey?

“The greatest lessons martial arts and karate have taught me are: discipline, persistence & consistency. With those three qualities, you can really overcome anything. You’ll teach your mind to find a solution, for any problem. You’ve got to be willing to adapt to any situation,” said Carey.  

Carey’s most memorable year would be 2015, because he was able to fulfill two of his parent’s promises.

“I would say my most memorable year, was 2015. That’s when I had been in stunts for about a year and a half and I was able to take my mother to a movie, in which I co-starred opposite of Eric Roberts. I was able to walk the red carpet with my mom, keeping a childhood promise, I made to her & my father. So I would say 2015. I was able to keep a promise that I made to my parents when I was sick years old,” said Carey.

“I told my father, I would be like Bruce Lee in the movies & I told my mother that my very first movie that I co-starred in or starred in, whether there was a red carpet or not, she would be my date. So on that night, I was able to fulfill both of those promises, unfortunately my father died when I was 17. I was still able to keep my word to him, because the movie, not only did I have to perform my own stunts, I had a fight a guy who was a martial arts grandmaster in his style. I didn’t get to go at him like, Bruce Lee would have, but I did get to choreograph my fight scene & I got to act opposite of Eric Roberts who my mom kind of had a little crush on. It was cool to be able to keep my promise to her,” said Carey.

What would be the title of Carey’s life story?

“Be Your Own Hero: Live Your Dream,” said Carey.

You can follow Michael Carey on Instagram @MichaelCareyOfficial & like him on Facebook @MichaelCareyVerified.

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