Hello, I am Joshua Conner, and welcome to my site.

Joshua Conner
This is a photo when I attended a launch event for the Ryan Seacrest Distinction line.

To begin,  I love interviewing people.  I created this platform, so I can have a medium to express my interests.

I have spent over 4 years in the media industry. I have been published in the Chicago Emmy website, and Chelsea Krost to name a few.

One of my professional accomplishments was receiving a fellowship from Northwestern University-Medill School of Journalism in 2014 after graduating from high school. During the fellowship and after its conclusion, I also managed my own blog newsgentpost.wordpress.com.

My hobbies include reading, listening to a great podcast, and watching classic television. I am a big fan of Once Upon A Time, love connecting on social media, Cubs and Packers fan, also love creating Spotify playlists. I enjoy finding ways to make a difference in my community and strengthening my craft. 

My mission with this lifestyle platform is to feature people who inspire me & report on the stories behind my favorite brands. Personally I hope to learn, connect, inspire and make a difference every step of the way. You can follow me on Facebook & Instagram @mrjoshsidney.